Thursday, August 22, 2013

Top Insights from the Grlz's trip to God's Country

(What does this horse picture have to do with anything?
It was taken in Old World Wisconsin a month ago.)  
(I know.  I know.  But I needed a photo to kick off the blog with.)
Yes.  It is time for the top insights from the Prairie Grlz trip to Northern Wisconsin. 

1.  Bargain Bill's is totally over whelming.  (If you need a recap on Bargain Bill's revisit, The Grlz Head North.)  Go in with a plan and stick to it.  I left with really ugly paper that Sharon used as "Protest Paper" (more on that Monday).  I also bought some stupid pink stickers for $4.50.  I am surprised that I didn't leave with a 6 pack of crutches.
(I would like to point out that these crutches were
 $3.99each.  Like you need one crutch??)

2.  Sharon will do anything for attention.
(I was merely showing our readers
these fantastic Christmas balls.)

3.  I got a little out of control with my eating on Thursday because I usually don't let myself eat.  (More on that Wednesday.  Don't worry, it won't be anything like Portia de Rossi's memoir.)  After a couple of wine spritzers, I told Sharon I was going to throw away the dark chocolate because I wanted to eat it.  Mild mannered Sharon SCREAMED at me, "You just have to learn some self-control some day!"  And then she proceeded to scarf down the entire chocolate bar in front of me.  Geez. (I had to eat it in order to save her.)

4.  Eydie will do anything for attention.

(I refused to post bail.)

5.  BLTs make awesome breakfast sammies.  Prairie Sharon cooks her bacon in the oven and insists on Miracle Whip.  We also added chimichurri sauce to the mix.  (You are NOT paying attention if you don't know that the chimichurri recipe is also in The Grlz Head North.)
(Eydie forgot this picture.)

6.  Sharon did not know who Warren Zevon was.  Say what???  At first she didn't like the thumping, marching music that accompanies many of Warren's songs.  But soon, Sharon was won over by such classics as Porcelain Monkey, Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner, and My Sh*ts F*cked Up (definitely my favorite).  (Sorry.  To our more delicate Prairie readers.)  Sharon then had to endure a soliloquy about how my first born son, Leonard, was almost named Warren.  (Warren is his middle name.  More on that some other time.)

7.  BLTs make really good snacks too!   If you are cutting calories, (or have a friend who insists you consistently use self control) just use a sturdy romaine lettuce instead of bread.  Also, make sure to blot excess grease from bacon before serving.  (Blotting grease is not in my culinary vocabulary.)

8.  Sharon REALLY likes (loves) Jon Bon Jovi.  Even eighties Jon Bon Jovi.  (Seriously, she has no right to tease me about Allen Stone after this picture of JBJ.) (AS=geek and JBJ=hot)

"Bed of Roses"=Best Song Ever

8.  Friendship rocks. (I agree.)

Prairie Eydie (and Sherry)  

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