Monday, August 12, 2013

Prairie Sherry Interviews Prairie Eydie

Sharon and I have found yet another way to avoid working on our etsy site.  (Sharon continually receives emails from etsy reminding her to finish opening the Prairie Grlz shop.  Better her than me.)  We have decided to interview each other.  Sharon developed today's questions.  Let it go on the record,  I am not cuckoo about the questions, but at least it keeps us from writing "whimsical" collage descriptions on etsy.

Sharon:  What is your greatest achievement?  Other than finally mastering the adorable "messy bun."

Eydie:  I do love the "messy bun."  It was a great achievement to grow out my hair.  Another achievement was mastering tousled beach curls.  Seriously.  Of course I would have to say my kids.  But are they really an achievement?  I don't like this question.  Moving on.

Sharon:  What is your most embarrassing moment?  And it can't be how you couldn't serve the volleyball over the net in 5th grade. 

Eydie:  These questions are really, really creative.  Once I told an extremely good looking bartender that I was bloated and gassy.  I had forgotten about the comment, until a friend reminded me of it a year ago.  At the time, I thought I was being witty.

Sharon:  What was your most horrific trip?  Other than field trips with your students in Milwaukee.

Eydie:  There have been so many.  Which to choose? 

It was pretty horrific when Tim and I first took the boys camping.  Leonard was 4 and Gus was 1 1/2.  It took hours to set up camp.  It was over 100 degrees with high humidity.  The lake was full of goose poop and the campground was like the Mojave desert during a drought.  We were the only people there.

Gus wouldn't go to sleep and was screaming in his pack and play.  He probably didn't like the streams of sweat running down his back or maybe his gazillion mosquito bites were bothering him.  At 11:00 PM - we all got in the van and drove thirty minutes to my parent's air-conditioned house.  I have not been camping since.  I don't even want to set up the tent in the backyard.  It just brings back horrific flashbacks.

Sharon:  What is your guilty pleasure?  Please don't say something boring like, Ranch Doritos. 

Just "some" rings...

Eydie:  Watching Home Shopping Network (HSN).  I rarely buy anything.  Just some rings and skin care products here and there.  When Suzanne Somers was on HSN, I would watch for hours.  Mesmerized by the huge (ugly) cocktail rings and Somersize food products.  Now, I have never been a Somersizer, but I did buy two ugly, matching cocktail rings.  One for me and one for my mom.

My son, Leonard, just pointed out that they bought me a leopard slanket and "The Nicer Dicer" because I saw them on QVC.  That doesn't really count against me, because I didn't do the ordering.

Sharon:  What is the most difficult thing you ever did?  Other than answering these quality questions.

Eydie:  Doesn't that change with your age?  In Junior High it was just getting through the square dance unit in gym.  In college it was figuring out what to do with the rest of your life while justifying skipping class.  Now the most difficult thing is finding a balance between work, creativity, having a life, and being a mom.

Sharon:  What is your greatest thrill?  You can't mention a roller coaster at Great America.

Eydie:  Geez Sharon.  I really can't take anymore of these stale questions.  My greatest thrill happens every Monday.  Just waking up and knowing that it is Michael Landon Monday.

Prairie Eydie

"Nobody's perfect. Not Charles Ingalls. Not Michael Landon."

 - - - Michael Landon


P.S.  Tune in tomorrow when Prairie Sherry has to answer her own inane questions.


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