Friday, August 30, 2013

The Times They Are A Changing for Prairie Grlz

"What?  I won't be able to enjoy reading The Prairie Grlz 
blog 5 days a week with my coffee?  Bogus."
Prairie Sherry and I have wandered off the prairie and back to our classrooms.  This week has been full of mind-numbing meetings, as described in Sharon's mind-numbing post from yesterday.  (I'm kidding!  Geez.  Lighten up.)  I  have spent a lot of time looking at my hooves, I mean feet.  I really, really need a pedicure.  I haven't decided what color yet.  But definitely not coral, light pink, or silver.  Coral=old lady.  Light pink=yuck on 45 year old toes.  Silver=corpse.  Luckily I have more meetings tomorrow to further contemplate toe nail color.  

Things will improve greatly once we get to welcome our new students on Tuesday! 

"I guess I will just stand by this cold wall 
and wait for the next prairie girl post."
Sadly, Sharon and I will no longer be able to post blogs five days a week.  After Labor Day, we will only be posting on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Here are more things we won't be able to do:
  • Sing rousing protest songs at the Wisconsin Capitol (but maybe you could go in our place???).
  • Have extended business lunches at Mickey's.
  • Photograph "naughty" tomatoes.
  • Eat Dunkin Donuts' Munchkins (the sugar crash isn't worth the sugar buzz).
  • Talk whenever we feel like it.
You may be asking yourself, what will the Prairie Grlz be able to do?
  • Unveil their Etsy site, Sunday, September 1st.  Yay!  Yay!  Yay!  Come and check us out.  Just search for Prairie Grlz on  In the Tim Gunn spirit, we are going to "Make it work." 
  • Be at the Williamson Street Fair, Sunday, September 22nd.  Come on out.  Enjoy the food, music, people watching, and hang out with us! We will be the ones wearing the Prairie Grlz t-shirts.
  • Continue to help support Matilda with profits from Etsy.  (See the blog, "Meet Matilda," if you haven't had the pleasure of meeting her yet.)
  • Make art - whether it be collage, canning, writing, gardening, photography, accessorizing, doodling, etc . . .
Thank you Prairie Friends for making our summer so darn fun.  Without you, it would just be me, Sharon, and boxes of tomatoes.  
Prairie Eydie

P.S.  Oh.  Yeah.  We will also continue to celebrate Prairie Sherry's birthday each and every day.  If any of you feel like taking some of the burden off me, shoot me an email.

Sharon has had more birthdays than even Bob Dylan.



  1. that's just not fair.... Bobby is 72 and I met Prairie Sherry and I know she does not have has many candles on her birthday cake..You are not adding candles for every day you celebrate are you?

  2. Oh. Yes. One candle every day we celebrate. Sharon equals about 3 Bob Dylans. ;-)

  3. I don't care about the candles. Just bring on the presents!!