Monday, March 2, 2015

The Art of Being Brave

I have not mastered this art, but I am working on it.

The infamous Elver Park Hill!

This week-end my grandson, David, asked if I would take him to the "big hill" to go sledding.  I said no, and proceeded to remind him that just a year ago my wrist was still in an air cast after shattering it on an icy driveway in January.  "I don't think Grandma will be going to the big hill to sled any more.

Today, while having coffee with a new friend, I related this story. While I expected a sympathetic ear (the new friend is six years older), instead I was reminded that life is short, and that life with good health is even shorter.  Although the exact words were not said, "Go sledding with the grandson," was the crystal-clear message.

Thank you, new friend!  I needed that reminder.

The very same week-end past, I took a bold and brave chance.  Our dishwasher had stopped really washing, and was merely spewing a film of half-dissolved detergent and micro food slime onto our glasses and dishes.  This had happened once before, and I had despaired over paying a repairman to replace my food chopper (didn't know I had one) to the tune of $178.98.  Now, armed with the term "food chopper" and my Kenmore model number, I hit the internet.  Youtube provided a step-by-step video on the disassembly and cleaning of said food chopper.  I went to the hardware store with a strong resolve.

If you are having problems with your dishwasher, check out this informative, but rather dull video.

An hour later, armed with a $4.99 T15 torx driver, I laid out the innards of that dishwasher, including the chopper, and cleaned and reassembled it in 45 minutes.  In that certain glow of satisfaction, I sat on the floor amidst a pile of greasy rags, a decimated toothbrush, and a collection of nasty food-related bits , and toasted myself with a nice glass of Malbec. If I smoked, it would have been a great time for a cigarette.

For me, that disassembly took a brave leap of faith.  Success--dishes washed with mechanical ease.  Failure--prune-like fingers and our meals reduced to one-pan wonders.

Another bit of bravery--I started a new job last week.  Yes, the former gig at Hy-Vee was paying for the health insurance, but little else.  In December, I gathered up my courage and reapplied at a food co-op that had soundly rejected me a year ago.  Two interviews later, I gave my two-week's notice, and traded starched white shirts and black dress pants for my hippy skirts and leggings. My paycheck is larger and I am getting some benefits!  Peace and love, baby!

Just call me Sunshine.

It is March 2nd. This is Wisconsin.  Snow is in the forecast for tonight. We'll probably get several more snowfalls before April The sleds are in the garage.  The grandkids are a phone call away.  I think I may conquer that hill yet.

Prairie Sherry


The dog just came in with a dead bird in her mouth.  I didn't even flinch as I wrenched it from her jaws!