Monday, August 5, 2013

Ack! It's August

The beautiful bluffs at Devil's Lake, Wisconsin.  Sadly.  I won't be enjoying this view with my children.

Ack!  It is August.  Let me explain my angst for those of you who are soaking in the last month of summer.  I don't make New Year's Resolutions because they make me feel bad.  Believe me.  When it is March in Wisconsin there is already enough to feel bad about.  But I do make Beginning of the Summer Resolutions.

Let see how I did.
  • I was going to set up a weekly house cleaning schedule.  I forgot about the schedule in early June.  Now I just give my kids Clorox wipes when I think of it.  I also draped distressed towels everywhere Buddy, the most awesome cat ever, hangs out.  This seems to cut down on the vacuuming.
  • I was going to read a book a week.  Instead I took forever (most of June and a tidbit of July) reading a lengthy mystery.  Something with "Woods" in the title.  Lost in the Woods?  Out of the Woods?  Where is the Woods?   I chose the book because I was emotionally needy and a Barnes and Noble employee said the book was "brilliant".  I always get to the end of a mystery and have a "so what?" feeling.   
  • I was going to take the kids on hikes every week so they could get exercise and enjoy nature with me.  I took them on their first hike of the summer last week.  It started off with lots of whining about sore legs, harmless bugs, and parched throats.  (HEY!  It was the kids whining, not me.)  Actually, it was more like a forced march than a hike.  Please don't make me take them again.
  • I was going to use lotion on my legs that would gradually make them look tan and healthy.  I was going to look super cute wearing cotton skirts.  Sadly, I never bought the lotion and don't see sense in starting that regime now, since I am somewhat high maintenance already.
I am somewhat of a perfectionist and have forgotten to inventory what HAS happened this summer. 

  • My dad helped me start a square foot garden this summer.  Okay.  He did more than help, he set up the whole garden and all I had to do was plant veggies.  It has been a huge success!  (My garden depresses Prairie Sherry because her garden isn't thriving.  We are blaming Alan the landscaper for her sad, sad garden.  Refer back to the blog "Dare to be a Free Form Gardener" for more on Alan the landscaper.)  I visit my garden in the morning to harvest kale for my protein smoothie (YUM) and in the evening to pick veggies.
  • Sharon and I started the "Prairie Grlz" blog in June.  I have written more this summer than I ever have - including 7 or 8 children's books.
  • I didn't miss the premier of Project Runway, like I usually do.  I love this show and try to channel Tim Gunn when dealing with difficult students during the school year.

Prairie Friends, get out there and make the most of this month.  

Prairie Eydie 

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