Tuesday, August 13, 2013

...And Prairie Eydie Gets Her Turn Interviewing Prairie Sherry

Eydie:  And turning the tables, here is your dry, lackluster question back at you.   What is your greatest achievement?

Sharon:  Eydie, I am so glad for that insightful query.  I guess my greatest achievement would have to be raising three girls without the aid of illegal drugs, although a few doctor-prescribed "happy pills" have helped to take the edge off at times.

Eydie:  And that most embarrassing moment?  Care to fill us in on that one?

Sharon:  At the time, I thought sitting in my sophomore high school English class with a wad of used toilet paper lodged between my pantyhose and my right calf was reason enough to leave this world at the tender age of 15.  Now I can laugh.  I do remember having a picture of me at a middle school assembly plastered on the front page of the Sun Prairie newspaper a couple of years ago.  I was standing next to another much younger teacher who was looking particularly adorable that day. My expression looked like my ankles were being attacked by wild dogs.   I guess that isn't all that embarrassing,  but I sure wish that photo hadn't been taken.

Eydie:  Your friends wish that photo hadn't been taken as well. Imagine having to admit that you know that face, let alone say that she is a close friend.  Back to the questions. You have shared a few interesting travel memories with me.  What was your most horrific?

Sharon:  That is easy.  About 10 years ago I had been dating this guy, and we decided to take a Christmas trip to Florida...by car...for two weeks.  About ten days into the trip; after I had provided the car, paid for most of the hotel rooms, the gas, and the food; we pulled into a gas station in Tampa. He went in to use the facilities, and I had this incredible urge to take off and leave him there.  Not just a little urge, but a hands-on-the-steering-wheel-and-put-the-car-in-reverse urge.  I didn't, but in retrospect, I should have.  I would have left his suitcase by the gas pump, though  I think I would have taken his bag of Florida oranges.

Eydie:  Hmmm, you haven't had the best of luck with the opposite sex during the past decade, have you.  So fill us in on your guilty pleasure.

Sharon:  Sleeping with my dogs, Rory and Charley.
Sweet-ums Charley.  Who wouldn't want to wake
up to this face?!

Eydie:  And as I just said, you haven't had the best of luck with the opposite sex during the past decade, have you.  So give us the scoop on your most difficult thing you have ever done.

Sharon:  Well, you will just accuse me of mimicking yours if I mention water ballet in my high school gym class, so I guess I can't use that one.  The only move I could do was lift up a leg, point a toe, and then drop it like a submarine periscope.  You don't get an 'A' on a routine with that one move.  Let me think on that one for a bit.

Eydie:  While we're waiting, give us your greatest thrill.

Sharon:  This summer it was discovering that the grout in my kitchen isn't black, but tan.  I was trying to remove a blueberry stain with a little bleach, and the truth revealed itself.  Unfortunately, then I had to spend 6 hours with a toothbrush revealing the rest of the truth.  I sort of made the discovery in a pretty obvious spot right in front of the stove.  Upkeep is murder.

Eydie:  And back to a more original answer to my question on the most difficult thing you have ever done.

Sharon: Discovering that the grout in my kitchen isn't black, but tan.

Eydie:  Most of us would have just thrown a rug in front of that stove.

Sharon:  May I use my latest tomato photo to end this mess?
Eydie:  That phone camera is not coming to work with us tomorrow.

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