Friday, August 2, 2013

8 Things You Didn't Know About Sharon

Last time I got my color touched up and my ends trimmed, I flipped through all the magazines at the salon.  I was looking for blog ideas.  It seems listing eight insipid things about little know celebrities is the thing to do.  At Prairie Grlz, we only have Michael Landon (and it isn't Monday) and Prairie Sherry.  So Sherry it is.

What could Prairie Sherry possibly be thinking? 
8 Things You Didn't Know About Sharon
1.  Sharon used to be a Madrigal singer and she believes that an underground of Madrigals exists.  Next time you see her, ask her to sing you a song.  You know she will.

2.  Sharon wrote a "Dear John" letter a soldier, right before he was deployed.  (Not to Vietnam, but to Kentucky.  Sharon thinks that fact matters, but I don't.)  Apparently she was way too busy to date this sweet soldier because she was going off to college.

3.  While in college, Sharon took an eight week rose maling class with her mother.  Her mom was worried Sharon wasn't getting out enough and was spending too much time alone in the library.  Later Sharon's rose maling expertise saved our lives in Pepin, Wisconsin.  (Refer back to Pepin Surprise if you've forgotten the details.) 

4.  Sharon wore the wrong bra size for 44 years.  Poor Dear.

5.  Sharon isn't a disciple of Oprah.  This is a definite hiccup in our friendship because I love all things Oprah (especially Super Soul Sunday).  Needless to say Sharon missed Oprah's Bra-lution show.  If she had watched it she might have only worn the wrong size bra for 39 years. 

6. Sharon doesn't remove her toe nail polish, rather she just keeps layering on colors.  It never occurred to me to do that.  I think it is a good idea, but I am not sure.  I will need to consult my Oprah mags.

7.  Sharon hates to dance - has always hated to dance - and will not dance.  Rest assured that Sharon is not dancing when no one is looking.  This prompted me to come up with the clever blog idea of "Prairie Grlz Go to Dance Party & Prairie Sherry Conquers Fear of Dancing Alone & With Others."   

8.  Sharon is the person to call if you have a question about the following:
  • the best way to cook salmon
  • how to fix uneven table legs
  • correct colon usage
She is also the person to call if you want to laugh, need to cry, want to just chat, and on and on and on . . .

Prairie Eydie

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