Monday, August 26, 2013

Prairie Protest

Recently, Prairie Sherry and I have been heading to the Wisconsin State Capitol for the noon day sing-a-long.  We have been singing classic protest songs like "This Land is Your Land" and "If I Had a Hammer" to help protect our First and Fourth Amendment rights in our beloved state.  Since attending the protests, I have had trouble sleeping.  Not because my rights to free speech and to peacefully gather are in danger, but because repetitive protest songs are marching through my head.  

Often I have to make the choice of protesting or going to gym.  A Grl only has so many hours in a day.  Luckily I have found many ways to combine working out and protesting.  PLUS, if I get arrested for singing, the ticket would equal that of a 4 month gym membership.  It is a definite win/win.  Here are some of the moves that have kept Prairie Sherry and me swimsuit ready.

Lets start with the solidarity arm raise.  A MUST at all political gatherings.  It is a great way to work those flabby triceps.  (I don't know about you, but my triceps keep on waving even after I stop.)  The solidarity arm raise is easily modified.  You can use one arm to support the other arm if you are a beginner.  Or you can use the more advanced "Double Arm Raise", as shown by Prairie Sherry.   WOW!  Look at Sharon's arms!  All this solidarity has given her Madonna-esque arms.

One must never come to a sing-a-long unprepared.  The more stuff you carry, the more calories you will burn.  Sharon is an expert at weighing herself down.  Note how she has the umbrella, a tote of water bottles (a grl gets parched singing for an hour!), a handbag, and the hefty song book.  Sharon DOES lose points for not holding her sign in addition to everything else.  Tsk.  Tsk.

Think of the all the fat the Raging Grannies have burned.  (You can "friend" these courageous ladies on Facebook.) They have been showing up at the sing-a-long for almost two years, weighted down with hats and  multiple pins.  Keep on singing, girls!

I have perfected dodging from the police.  I really don't want to get arrested for singing and scuttle to the center of the singers where my chances of being ignored are greater.  (Prairie Sherry hangs out on the fringe, hoping for a set of handcuffs to be slapped on her wrists.  Are we surprised?  No.)  Nonetheless, I have been getting my cardio in with multiple sets of "bobs and weaves."  This is great for those large muscle groups.

I know that I have thrown a bunch of advanced moves at you.  But don't be intimidated, Prairie Friends.  You can take a load off and sit down for your rights too. 

Prairie Eydie

P.S.  I know.  I know.  It is Michael Landon Monday.  I have undemocratically decided to change it to Musical Monday until the holidays, when our angel, Michael, will fly back to us.  Sharon made the mistake of telling me that she can't bear to look at photos of her "Dear Jon" from the eighties.  This is for you Sharon!!!

I have kept uncharacteristically quiet during this post,
but I must say that as much as
I love Jon, the body hair and the bacteria-laden
hot tub are enough to put me off of my Wheaties
for a week.

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