Sunday, July 14, 2013

Prairie Princess

I adored princesses when I was a little girl.  Snow White was my favorite, with her sunshine yellow skirt, raven hair, and curiously high voice.  I used to dig holes in the sand box and sing into them - pretending I was Snow White singing into the wishing well.  I loved how she sweetly charmed and took care of the Dwarves.  Little did I know the Dwarfs were metaphors for my own children.  Doc (Leonard), Happy (Gus), and Grumpy (Lulu).

When I went to college, I turned my back on the princesses. The princesses were evil and taught little girls to be weak and dependent.  Princesses also sent the message that you had to be tiny (Have you ever noticed how Cinderella's feet dwindle down into mere nubs?), beautiful, and have a ridiculous amount of flowing hair.  I felt intense anger that my mother dared to brain wash me with Cinderella and Snow White.  The very idea of Prince Charming rescuing me was insulting.  This was also a time in my life when I wore all black,  read a lot of Rita Mae Brown (before she started writing those silly cat mysteries) and wrote horrible poetry that I thought was really good.

I now have a three year old (Lulu) who becomes very upset  (i.e. nutso tantrum) when she isn't referred to as Cinderella.  She used to make us call her "Dora Sandy Tasha," but that was just a phase.  Lulu has worn out two Cinderella costumes because she insists on wearing them daily, not just on Halloween.   The first Cinderella costume had to be thrown out after a spaghetti dinner at Grandma's house.  The second dress is all ripped up and Lulu still wears it because her evil mother won't buy her a new dress.  (Can you believe those horribly made princess dresses are TWENTY dollars at Target??? )

Thanks to the generosity of a fabulous aunt, I have spent the past six days on a Disney cruise with my children.  AND.  I have fallen in love with the Princess all over again.  Maybe because I am seeing things through my children's eyes.  Lulu and I waited in line for over an hour so she could meet and greet all the Princesses.  (Cinderella, Princess Tiana, Belle, Aurora, Ariel and Snow White.   Tinkerbell was in a whole different area because she is a fairy.  I made the mistake of asking a mom - "Why isn't Tinkerbell here?"  Yes.  I was then shunned in the Princess line.) 

Lulu was in a trance.  So thrilled to be hugging "her" Princesses.  While she clutched Disney royalty, I took notes on how to pose like a proper Princess:
  • point one toe out to the side (favored by Snow White)
  • clasp hands in front of your chest
  • blow dramatic kisses with two hands
  • puddle skirts on floor before leaning forward to hug small child

Being on a Disney high, I now see how Princesses stand for believing in what seems impossible (or magical) and going for it.  It doesn't matter if it is a blog, a published book, an Etsy site, or a very fancy dress worn on an ordinary day.  Dreams come true each and every day. 

It's Michael Landon Monday!!!  I love this image of Michael and have titled it

"Michael Landon:  Tinkerbell in Heaven"

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