Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Blog Block

Although you might think that this is Sharon
at one of our "business lunches", actually
 it is my daughter, Lulu.
It has happened, Prairie Friends.  I have blog block.  Sharon and I usually spend part of our weekly meetings brainstorming blog ideas.  But our last meeting was spent figuring out Etsy.  Geez.  First, we had to take photos of our art, from every angle.  I got to be the neck model for the necklaces.  I do have a very nice neck.  Sharon told me to enjoy it before I got "turkey neck."  Then we had to write lengthy descriptions of each piece of art.  We over used the words "whimsical" and "original".  We kept nervously laughing and saying "Oh, this is SO going to get easier."

I guess we couldn't stay in the zone of hilarious lunches at Alchemy followed by cruising rummage sales for battered shutters, buckets, and ladders. (Below is a photo of a rummage sale creation.  I can't figure out how to add a caption.)  The problem is, I felt very comfortable in that lunch/shopping zone.  Now Sharon says we really need a business plan and have to get organized.  She is right.  This became painfully apparent after we couldn't find our login/username to Etsy for the fourth time.

Actually, I am pretty sure that Sharon and I can say "Buh Bye" to our lives because we will be spending every minute posting items on Etsy.  Who knew?  No more puttering around in the garden with the baby kale.  No more swimming with kids.  No more sipping iced tea on the deck.  Sigh.  The Prairie Grlz will now be chained to a computer finding synonyms for "whimsical" and describing each freaking charm on Sharon's awesome necklaces.  (Sharon, it would go much faster if you'd just make plain, chain link necklaces.  Maybe with a simple sea shell or an acorn pendant???  Consider it.)

I have been reading Austin Kleon's fabulous book called,  Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative (page 83).  He brilliantly graphs the life cycle of a project/idea. 
  • This is the best idea EVER.
  • Ok, this I harder than I thought.
  • This is gonna take some work.
  • This sucks.
...and you get the idea (Get the book too!)

So, we are at the "This is gonna take some work" part.  I am good with that, especially if we have just one more fun "business lunch" at Alchemy.

Prairie Eydie 

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