Thursday, July 18, 2013

Prairie Parmesan

Dear Readers,
I know you are wondering what Sharon and I talked about on the drive to Old World Wisconsin.  Laura Ingalls Wilder? The heat index?  Our children?  Nope, nope, and nope.  We talked about a Facebook post from my kindred spirit sister-in-law, Heidi.  (Look left) 

Sharon and I both feel unfairly judged by waiters when they are cranking out parmesan cheese on our pasta.  I always think waiters are looking at my upper arms and wondering why I'm at a restaurant instead of at the gym working on my triceps. 

Sharon and I then brainstormed a list of things we feel judged about:
  • I feel judged that I am a Bruce Springsteen fan.  Not a nutso fan, but enough of a fan to know all the words to "Jungleland" and to like the album, Nebraska.

  • Sharon felt judged as a single mother raising three children.  To combat this feeling, she made sure her daughters always looked perfect.  This is why Sharon can tie ribbons into absolutely perfect bows.
  • We both feel judged that we HATE playing board games with our children.  Cootie is the worst.  Or maybe Hi Ho Cherrio is the worst.  I really can't decide.  I keep donating board games to Goodwill and then feigning confusion when my kids ask me where Monopoly is.
  • I feel judged that I think Jon Bon Jovi is really hot, now.  Now as in 2013.  (Obviously I have lots of issues with eighties music.) I didn't think he was hot in the eighties.  Slippery When Wet?  Coral lipstick?  All that permed damaged hair?  Ugh and Ick.

 Then Sharon and I started talking about how we judge people.  Gasp!  That list was surprisingly long.  Here is a partial list of the Prairie Grlz judgments:
  • Women who are really skinny who keep asking if they are fat.  Come on!  I look like I am wearing a permanent bustle.
  • Avid Packer Fans (this is only because we have absolutely no clue what is going on.  If we knew what was going on - we'd probably start a Packer blog.)
  • People who drink lite beer.  I didn't even drink lite beer when I was on Weight Watchers.  Can I suggest Hopalicious by Ale Asylum?
  • Sharon judges people who use Kenra Volume Spray 10 oz. Obviously she was not blown away by my Kenra beauty tip when she saw the price.  I judge Sharon for using Suave hairspray. 
What does all this judging and being judged mean?  Not sure, but it was really fun to talk about.  Try it with a pal. 

Sharon and I are now less than two weeks away from opening our Etsy site.  Talk about putting ourselves out there to be judged.  Just know you will never see these Prairie Grlz drinking lite beer at a Packer game while listening to "You Give Love A Bad Name."

Beauty Tip:  Want people to wonder just what you have been up to?  Try Benefit's Dandelion Blush.  Love, love, love it!


  1. I judge you AWESOME for liking Bruce Springsteen. But that could just be because I heart him too. Can't wait for our "Crush on You" all-skate at our retirement roller rink :)

  2. Thank you, Jenny!!! Judging you awesome too. Every year we are closer to that roller rink.