Thursday, July 11, 2013

It Takes a Village to Hatch a Dragon

I just finished writing 20 pages of original work - which breaks down to 7 children's books.  It might not sound like much to some, but this is coming from the woman who never finishes any piece of writing.  I am creatively exhausted and have spent the last hour and a half rearranging my pots of herbs. 

I wrote two different stories about dragons, but could only come up with one dragon name, "Flint".  (Sharon said I couldn't name a dragon "Sparky.")  It also became apparent to me that writing a nice ending isn't my forte.  A typical Eydie ending goes something like this - "And then Flint realized he never had to leave the Renaissance Faire to find his muse.  All was well as he walked home."  I will never complain again about a crappy ending to an otherwise fabulous novel, like Gone Girl: A Novel by Gillian Flynn.  I am DONE complaining about it.  Right now.

It took a village to write these stories.  Prairie Sherry patiently listened to each draft.  Giving authentic advice like:
  • "I think Gus the Hamster needs to be exhumed.  You need the pages, girlfriend."  (If you don't remember what she previously said about Gus the Hamster, refer back to the blog "Prairie Girl is Shunned.")
    "Wake up, Gus..."
  • "Flint needs to misbehave in the grocery store.  Have him throw  a canned ham or something."
  • "Add some dialogue.  I simply MUST have more dialogue." (Luckily she wasn't asking for more cowbell). 
Another friend told me all about dragons.  I would never have written a dragon book without his input.  I learned that dragons latch on to whoever is around when they hatch (Inspiration for my book, Dragon Mom.  Titles don't seem to be a forte for me either.), they have an appetite for charred meat, and their blood boils if they are nicked.  Unfortunately he didn't help me come up with any dragon names. 


And then there is my dear, dear friend who sent me the following text:  "Important.  Don't take no shit from your child lit characters."  Isn't that cute?  He knows that my characters, as well as my children, tend to get a tad out of control. 

Guest blogger Lena gave me a fabulous suggestion that I used immediately, I just can't remember what it was.  But, Prairie Friends, you need to remember to check out her blog and see what she is up to in Africa.

Now it is time to return my energy to collaging, my family & friends, and starting my next dragon story.

Prairie Eydie

I would like to point out that I kept my comments to myself this time around.  Miss Eydie will be back in the saddle...behind the the churn on Monday.  It has been very lonely out on the prairie this week.

Prairie Sherry

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