Monday, July 22, 2013

Cheers to Our Readers!

Just some of our young, hip readers.
Do we actually have an audience for this blog?  Well, we think so. Blogger has a stats page that gives us a somewhat cryptic overview of who is tuning in.  We haven't figured out the finer points, but we can see when we have peaks and valleys in our viewership.  Mondays don't appear to be stellar days, although right after the long 4th of July break we had a fabulous Monday.  Perhaps it was the need for the quiet solitude of our virtual prairie after the craziness of a holiday week-end.  I've noticed when the titles of our posts contain the word "bra" as in "Did Ma Wear a Bra? (see June 18th), readership shot through the roof.  Perhaps you were thinking I was going to reveal Caroline Ingall's stripper past?  

Some of our posts fell a bit flat.  Eydie is still licking her wounds over her "Prairie Grl Tosses Fiddle Aside in Favor of Allen Stone" (June 28th).   Perhaps if she had entitled it "Allen Stone Wears a 36D" she (or Allen ) would have gotten a few more hits.  I suggested a couple of captions for that piece, as in "Obviously Allen wasn't getting much in high school," but Eydie thought that might offend our more delicate readers.  I tend to ride the edge of PC, so my dear friend needs to reign me in a bit.

I will say it again, obviously Allan
wasn't getting much in high school.

One of the items I always like to check our on our stats page is this little world map that shows where are readers are from.  Of course the majority are from the United States, but our second highest country of readership is Russia!  That amazes us, and keeps us wondering who in that vast country takes the time to check out our posts.  Canada comes in third, and we have a handle on who a few of those might be.  We get regular hits from Denmark (I have always said that I am a Dane at heart.), Germany, Guatemala, England, Spain, France, Ukraine, and just this week New Zealand and China. One week a number of people in Romania were following us.  I guess they gave up.  They are probably still shaking their heads over the Michael Landon photos.

I know of several people who refuse to read the blog--my daughters. They are so used to me doing really embarrassing things that they would just as soon not encourage me by paying attention to any of this.  I did threaten to post recovery photos of my youngest who just had her wisdom teeth removed.  She told me that it didn't worry her because she didn't think anyone important (her friends) would ever see them.  Ouch!  Well, let's just see if that is true.  Friends of Maia, be sure to let her know if you see this:
"Perhaps I should have given my poor mother 
a bit more encouragement in this writing venture."
While not huge, this worldwide readership just makes me want to encourage all of us to link cyber hands and have a moment of pure prairie peace.  Take a peek at this oldie but goodie.
I might suggest ditching the Coke and substituting a mojito, which I have been perfecting this summer using my fresh garden mint. Whatever your beverage of choice, I do find it amazing that something as inconsequential as a blog written by a couple of middle-aged women who are still trying to find themselves can link complete strangers from all over the globe.

Prairie Eydie has set up a Facebook page for us.  We are extremely needy individuals, so please type in "Prairie Grlz" in your Facebook search box and like us, or click here for a quick peek.  

It is Monday, and I haven't forgotten.  One of our readers, Martha, sent me this photo of our dear Michael.  Does this even need a caption?  I don't mean to be shallow, but just compare him with Allen Stone.

Prairie Sherry

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  1. I am very much enjoying reading your blog Sharon! I wish we still lived close by each other b/c you have always been an interesting woman that I've always looked up to, and now that I'm older (tho you haven't aged a day - awesome how that works, eh?), I think we could have some interesting conversations! I will keep up with your "ramblings" on here and oh yes, I have already "liked" your FB page! Carry on!