Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Guest Blogger Lena Finds Inspiration With Prairie Grlz

Prairie Grlz are far more than two-soul sistahs following their passions, they are an inspiration!!

As I write this blog sitting on the plains of a Wisconsin farm enjoying a Sassy Cow 
vanilla ice cream cone, I am reminded of how much my life has been influenced by these women.

As middle-aged tiara wearing women creating their own art,
Eydie and Lena (guest blogger) making middle-age look good!
they have shown me that it is never to late to start pursuing your dreams and discovering who you are.

Laura Ingalls Wilder at 19
Laura Ingalls Wilder is the perfect model for these Prairie Grlz as she was a teacher at 15, mother at 19, and finally a writer in her 50's. I am wondering if life has to be experienced before one can truly discover who they are and begin to express it. It seems to be true for us as we become artists and authors in our 40's and 50's!!!!

Only a year ago, I found myself wallowing through the empty-nesting stage of life. My whole adult life had been centered around raising my two children. Days and weekends full of hockey/dance practices, games/recitals, and boy/girl sleepovers. Once they moved out, I found myself lost. It seemed I couldn't find my way out of the maze I was stuck in. As the 'older girl' wrote about her realization that she was about to become an "old mature bird sitting on an empty nest" I realized I was just like her. I too was not about let boredom become my vocabulary.

Eydie pushed me to discover my artistic and creative side by designing collages and making cards. I found myself changing my daughters bedroom into an art studio. Now, my once spotless house is in chaos! In any corner, at any time, you will find an abundance of stickers, glue sticks, mod-podge, scissors, buttons, rick-rack, ribbon, canvases, and any worthy object to be applied to a collage. I remember Eydie once said, "Stop being so matchy-matchy in your art, get funky!" Here is the collage that came from that advice.

But the inspiration hasn't stopped there. This summer I will be venturing on a month long mission trip to Tanzania, Africa. While I am gone, I will be writing a blog for the first time. After reading daily blogs of Prairie Grlz, I was inspired to tell my story. Sharon has been my guide into the navigating of my BlogSpot. Thank you Prairie Sherrie!!! Be sure to check out my adventures at

So...............thank you Prairie Grlz for the inspiration!!!!

Honorary Prairie Grl Lena

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