Monday, October 28, 2013

The Art of Buying Long Sleeved Shirts and Pink CowGRL Boots

I do not like spending money on buying practical clothes for my children.  It is so boring.  Yawn.  However, yesterday I was able to compare how my children looked next to their peers at the Madison Children's Museum.  Prairie Friends, it was NOT good. 

Leonard's arms were dangling "Lurch Style" out of his sleeves.  Gus had two holes in the knees of his jeans.  His pockets were sticking out and his "barn door" was unzipped.  Lulu looked adorable because I told her she couldn't go to the children's museum unless she wore what I told her to.  (The little darlin' had picked out white cotton capris, that she refused to wear all summer, and a white NYC t-shirt with glittery letters.) The outfit I chose for her to wear was to highlight the new, sensational, pink cowGRL boots I bought her at Target.  

Let me backtrack.  I have been visiting a pair pink boots at Target for the last three weeks.  (I don't want to admit how many times I have visited the boots.)  Cons?  Impractical from the get go.  Slippery soles.  Side zippers that she would never be able to zip up independently.  No insulation.  Pros?  Super duper cute!!!  What girl wouldn't want a pair of pink cowGRL boots?  

Friday I broke down and bought the boots.  (It was retail therapy.  My third consecutive sinus infection had left me depressed and in desperate need of all things "cute.")   Lulu went insane over the pink boots.  She immediately put them on and hasn't taken them off since. (Yes.  I had to help her with the zippers.  Yes.  She skidded unsafely down the hall.  Yes.  Her feet are probably cold.)  She even wears them with her pajamas. 

Flash-forward.  After hours of fun at the Children's Museum (Prairie Sherry's idea of hell), I put on my "Practical Mom" hat.  I had some Boston Store coupons, so I dragged all three kids to the mall.  I let Leonard choose long sleeve shirts.  He was hoping to find a long sleeve shirt featuring a dog wearing glasses and a tie, but Boston Store isn't that cool.  Gus found some jeans with adjustable waists and a new pair of  winter gloves.  (Yet another SNOREzone purchase.)  Lulu got some unexciting leggings and jeggings.  The shopping trip was a practical success, but I just couldn't leave without buying some boots for myself. 

I bribed the kids with Lego Star Wars Wii time, if they sat nicely in the shoe department while I found some boots.  Game on!  I have a hard time finding boots that will slip over my "athletic calves" (i.e. chunky), so it was easy to rule out super tall riding boots. (One might point out that since Eydie is certainly a bit more petite than moi, on her riding boot would look more like a full body cast.)  

The "Hallelujah Chorus" played when I found these black, motorcycleISH boots that make my "athletic calf" appear slim.  Now, I hate all things motorcycle.  I can even think of a couple motorcycles that I would like to push off of a cliff.  BUT.  I am not so frivolous to ignore a pair of motorcycle boots that make me look like Kate Middleton.  (Extremely slight exaggeration.)  I bought the boots and absolutely love them.  And yes.  I did wear them with my pajamas.

Prairie Eydie

Obviously, Prairie Eydie's new allergy meds are kicking in, but then it would take something a bit more than a violent reaction to dust mites to keep her from the Boston Store during a mega sale. Those boots on the bed have given me inspiration for Wednesday's post. Stay tuned!

Prairie Sherry  

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