Monday, October 7, 2013

The Art of Book Clubs - Part II - "The Leaders"

Hey!!!  Does anyone want to start a book club that
 only reads books about "The Boss"?  I am pretty 
sure I could join that book club. 
What?  No???  Come on!!!

I hope you enjoyed meeting the members of my former book club in Wednesday's blog, "The Art of Book Clubs - The Members. Part I"  If you missed it, scamper on over to the achieve before continuing on to meet the leaders. 

Our book club couldn't seem to keep a leader.  Was it the members' general crankiness?  The club's freakish allegiance to dead Russian authors?  Or, that the members were better read than the leaders?  I guess we'll never know, but let me introduce you to our leaders.

Our first leader was a little sprig of a guy.  So cute you wanted to put him in your pocket and take him home.  I can't remember his name.  Brad?  Brett? Bison?  I dunno.  But I do remember that he posed the hopelessly insane question of how people in concentration camps had sex.  We were reading "A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich" at the time.  Really?  My uncle suggested that maybe people were more interested in finding a crust of bread than getting it on with fellow prisoners.  I am glad to say, (even though he was "elfish") we never saw "Brad" again after that meeting. 

Our next leader was nicknamed "Matey."  She dressed like a pirate, with white blousy shirts and pants that bloomed over her knee high boots.  All she needed was an eye patch and a treasure map.  "Matey" seemed scared of us and ran off questions from the internet for us to answer.  I think the poor dear applied to be a book club leader because she thought it would be fun.  Nope.  No fun for her.  After a few meetings, "Matey" started leaving the internet questions on a table in the book store's cafĂ©.  A scrawled note would accompany the questions, explaining how she was sick, busy, or just disinterested.  Finally the questions stopped showing up and we were on our own.

Who could lead us?  Could Vicky take us down the yellow brick road in her red shoes?  What about Betty who could only discuss books she chose and already owned?  Remember, fabulous Pam had already quit the book club?  So she is not an option.  Yep.  I am leaving you with a cliff hanger.  

Tune in Friday, for the riveting conclusion of "The Art of Book Clubs - Part III"

Prairie Eydie 


  1. I will join your Boss bookclub. Although I did enjoy the bookclub we were in together (for a brief time, anyway), I haven't been able to commit to one since then. I think an all-Bruce one might be enough of a lure to get me to do it!

  2. Yes - lets start the Boss book club. We will probably be the only members and I am pretty sure that Bruce will want to join us for one of the meetings. I guess we can let him sit in. ;-)