Friday, October 25, 2013

NEWS FLASH: Prairie Grl Allergic to Housework?

I received a somewhat cryptic text from Prairie Eydie late last night:

"I have no post for tomorrow.  Another confirmed sinus infection.  My dr thinks I am allergic to dust mites."

So, I was lying in bed thinking:

  • Poor baby!  No wonder she has had one continual cold since last February.
  • EEEwwwwww, dust mites!
  • I really need to get up tomorrow morning and dash off an explanation to our Prairie Readers  as to why they are missing their splash of witty and insightful Prairie Eydie prose.
  • EEEwwwww, dust mites!
  • What would have happened to my dear friend if she had come up with this allergy on the real prairies of the 1800's?
This morning  I arose, head stuffed with a sympathetic mite reaction and scratching like crazy, still wondering what happened to Prairie Grlz who couldn't pull their load.  Did Grlz like Eydie get booted out of the dugout when they couldn't sweep the dirt floor or fluff the straw tick?  Just imagine the mite population in a straw tick! Would a Prairie Pa have been sympathetic when his Prairie Ma awoke day after day with swollen eyes, a pounding sinus headache, and excessive drainage?  Would he have sent her off to the edge of some slough (a real test to see if you actually read any of LIW's classics) to spend her final days?
The prototype for a box of Kleenex, circa 1863.
I am just thankful that my dear Prairie Friend can zip off to her allergist next week, go through a few tests, and get some 2013 drugs so that she can return to the living.  Rest and get better, dear friend.

Prairie Sherry 

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