Friday, October 11, 2013

The Art of Book Clubs - THE FINALE!!!

Without being in a book club, I have the freedom to read whatever I want and can wear a tiara while reading whatever I want. 

I was talking to Prairie Sherrie yesterday about my Book Club blogs.  It turns out that she has never been invited to join a book club.  She has been asked for book recommendations, but has never been in a club. My book club blogs have been very painful for her to read.  I had several other book club installments outlined and ready to go, but I am ending my series today.  (Just so you don't feel too sorry for Sharon, she refuses to join my Bruce Springsteen book club and says that I am not serious in my intent.  Well!!!) 

The Top 7 Things I Have Learned From Book Clubs

1.  Sometimes you will read fabulous books that you never would have chosen on your own.  I read Anna Karenina because it was a book club pick.  I loved every single page. 

2.  Don't expect people to actually talk about the book you all just read.  I was in a book club where the discussion centered around when members threw the book across the room.   We couldn't read books that had any sort of conflict or sadness.  I had to quit the book club because I don't throw books and I like my book to have a conflict or two.

3.  People will not like reading the same books you do.  No one liked my picks of Becoming Madame Mao (Anchee Min) or  A Gesture Life (Chang Rae Lee). 

4.  Expect to have lots of catty conversations about other members between book club meetings.  If you are working on not being judgmental and gossiping you should definitely not join a book club.  Also, don't join if you don't like being gossiped about.

5.  Expect to buy a lot of books that you will never read. 

“We buy books because we believe we're buying the time to read them."  Warren Zevon

6.  You will spend at least fifty dollars at every book club meeting.  Factor in the Italian dinner, next month's book, a half caf vanilla latte, and gas money.  PLUS, the home decorating magazine you bought impulsively at the checkout. 

7.  Having your own personal book club is awesome.  Read what you want to.  Read a lot.  Challenge yourself when you feel like it.  Buy new books.  Reread personal favorites.  Go to the library. Share books with people you love. Religiously read the Prairie Grlz blog.  

Prairie Eydie  

“Writing and reading decrease our sense of isolation. They deepen and widen and expand our sense of life: they feed the soul.”    

Anne Lamott

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  1. Although I am an avid reader, I have never belonged to a book club, and have no desire to join one. Prairie Eydie, if you liked A Gesture Life, you might try, The Garden of Evening Mists, the second novel by Malaysian novelist Tan Twan Eng,