Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Art of Moving Forward When You Want to Quit

It takes a leap of faith to get things going
It takes a leap of faith you gotta show some guts
It takes a leap of faith to get things going
In your heart you must trust

 - Bruce Springsteen

The Boss can't wait to visit the Prairie Grlz booth at Willy Street Fair.

5 Days Until the Williamson Street Fair!!!    

Sharon and I had a meeting Sunday to finalize our Willy Street Fair booth.  Both of us are struggling with allergy/sinus issues, so we weren't very energetic.   

It turns out we should have spent more time this summer working on all things Prairie Grlz.  But it was more fun to eat lunch at Alchemy, brainstorm ideas to get "More Michael Landon" into our blog, and plot how to land our own radio show (Yes, we often live in a strange, fantasy world).  Now we are rushing to make displays, (luckily we love the distressed look) create signage, and finalize prices.  Oh.  And then there is the marketing & presentation side of everything.  (Luckily Prairie Sharon has figured that out!!!  She didn't like my suggestion of customers just shoving their purchases in their handbags.  Come on Sharon!  This is the east side of Madison.  People are GREEN!)   

The blog.  The etsy site.  The fair.  Sharon and I have taken a leap of faith in all endeavors.  I guess part of taking on these journeys is acknowledging what isn't working.  Over the last three weeks, I have tried to quit everything.  Why?  Because I am tired, plugged up, and feel like my creativity has left me to join the circus.  Truth?    Our blog readership dropped by half after we dropped to three blogs a week.  (Come back Russian Friends!!!)  Our etsy site has lots of blurry photos that need to be retaken.  (I did retake the photos, but there were too many pixels, or some such silliness, so I now have to retake the retakes.)  We are still figuring out our booth. 

Luckily, Prairie Sherry won't let me quit.  She won't let me abandon my creative side in the compost heap, next to the slowly decomposing corn cobs.   So, it is all good, despite the clouds of fear that show up from time to time.  Everyone needs a friend who won't let them quit.

Lets play - "The Glass is Half Full Even Though We Are Not Ready for the Fair!"

  • Sharon and I get to spend the whole day together and we don't have to talk about text coding and close reading of non-fiction text.

  • We will be really close to Lazy Jane's  - which means raspberry scones!!!

  • Sharon will be showcasing her fabulous furniture for the first time EVAH!

  • There will be time to shop at The Green Lantern (This antique/resale shop is above Mickey's and is not to be missed.  Tell Mary Beth the Prairie Grlz sent you.)

  • OH! OH! We get to wear our sunbonnets all day long!

  • We will meet new people and catch up with our Prairie Friends.  Maybe even sing a couple protest songs.

Yep.  It's all good.

Prairie Eydie



  1. Don't worry- it will all be Great! I love your blog and I am having the same issues with sinus/allergies/lethargy/procrastination/too many projects-not enough time syndrome! But, today is a great day for Pot Roast!

  2. Thanks Kim! You know, today IS a great day for pot roast. Love it! Eydie