Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Art of Closing the Gap Between Dreams and Life

I am just SO darn proud of those Prairie Grlz!
I am not used to meeting my goals.  I used to blow off goals like sixth graders blow off Greek root word homework.  When I turned 44, for some reason, I started taking my goals & dreams seriously.  This hit me today when I was visiting Leigh Bardugo's website.  (She wrote the Fabulous Young Adult book, Shadow and Bone.  I am reading it with one of my students and loving every page.)  Leigh said this:

The gap between the dreams you had and the life you end up leading can be a very dark place indeed. It can leave you feeling bitter and lost, and pretty soon you’re blogging about how no one understands your genius and ordering a tombstone that reads, “Had potential.” But I present the sketch above as evidence that sometimes, after a lot of wrong turns and flailing, you do get what you’ve always wanted most– whether it’s a promotion, or a chance to dress up as a pirate for a living, or The World’s Best Piece of Cake.

Thank you Leigh!  Life is so much better when the gap between dreams and your actual life is very small.  (Note:  The above photo is the beautifully dramatic Leigh.  Doesn't she look like the type of gal who would wear a cape in her senior picture?)

One of my ultimate dreams came true at the Willy Street Fair.  My art spoke to people, the same way it speaks to me as I create it. 

One sweet woman wanted to hang a collage that said, "It Will All Be Okay" in her kitchen.  A mother bought a "You're Beauty Full" collage to send to her daughter who was having a rough week.  A sister bought her sister a Nancy Drew collage that said, "Be the Heroine of Your Own Story."  What a privilege to be part of their lives, in a small way.  I learned many of the things that speak to me, speak to others.  Hearing people's stories was so inspiring.  I have so many new ideas and just bought a new stack of canvasses.  I will be stirring up some art this weekend.  Woot!  

Won't you join me in closing the gap between your dreams and your life?  Reach your potential one day at a time.

Prairie Eydie

P.S.  Prairie Sherry just had her varicose veins stripped.  OUCH!  So I am including this picture of current Jon Bon Jovi for her.  Get well soon, girlfriend!  (I wonder if Jon has problems with his varicose veins?  We are just 6 years apart in age.  It is possible. Doesn't he look like he might be wearing compression stockings???)

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