Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Art of Accomplishing Goals: WE DID IT!!

We did it!  We survived the 2013 Willy Street Fair--all eleven and a half hours.  Were we successful?  Well, we made enough to pay for our entry fee and the bottle of wine we consumed while selling, so I guess if you count that as a success, mark one on our side.  I can assure you, we didn't violate any open container laws.  The Madison Police Department loosens the reigns a bit for this annual celebration.  I came a bit too close to spending time behind bars this summer with my illegal capitol singing.   I am now watching my P's and Q's.

I know, you don't want words.  You want pictures.
First, off, it was an incredible fall day--a little chilly when we started to set up at 8 AM, but it warmed to a comfortable 68.  The sky was spectacular.  Willy St. had a pride rainbow!! 
I guess we got started a bit earlier with our set up than most of the vendors.  We had our tent and displays ready to go, and the rest of the street was pretty empty...like chirping crickets empty.  Eydie decided to entertain me with her version of adult peek-a-boo.  The humor in that quickly died, and I went out in search of our bottle of wine.  Yes, you can find a bottle of wine on Willy St. at 9 AM on a Sunday morning.  It is just that kind of place.
When I returned, she was still at it.  Personally, I don't think she noticed I was gone.  The guy in the booth across the road was enjoying the show.

At 11 AM the parade began.  Every parade needs a couple of semi-pro hula hoopers...well, at least in Madison you do.  Hula hoopers in sports bras and hippy skirts are even better.  Madsion sets the bar high.

She looks pretty darn prancey, doesn't she!  Is that a word?

Then you need your stilt walkers.
I decided to extend my list of phobias from clowns and mimes to include stilt walkers.  Eydie agreed.  If I ever meet a miming clown on stilts, I will be rocking in a corner for weeks.

Then there are the guys who tried to impress by balancing and walking on these big wheels.  I bet in their youth, these machos woed the neighborhood gals with the size of their Tonka trucks.  If you don't know what a Tonka truck is, you are really too young to be reading this blog.  I was always a sucker for the Tonkas.
Every Madison parade has to have union members raising their arms in energetic fist pumps and singing all the words to "Solidarity Forever."  I just know the refrain.  
Add some Raging Grannies.  These are union members all grown up and retired.  I want to join their ranks in a few years.  They wear cool hats, lots of buttons, and get arrested quite often for their beliefs.  They are really a courageous crew, and that is not a joke.
We did actually sell stuff.  Remember that entry fee and the bottle of wine?  We met so many people who understood what we were doing and why.  The greatest gift to us is when they bought things for sisters, daughters, or friends who just needed "a little something."  We also met a lovely artist next door to us.  Lisa makes beautiful jewelry using silver and semi precious stones. I think she would be classified as a "town girl" in prairie lingo--very classy. We hope to do a Christmas open house with her very soon.

The best thing about the whole day is when family members stopped by to see us and give their support.  These are the poor people who hear us talk "Prairie Grzl" ad nauseum.  Some couldn't be with us, so they kept us going with texts, emails, and phone calls.  This is my brother and one of my darling nieces.  They couldn't be with us in body, but they certainly were in spirit.  I certainly hope my bro can extricate his head out of that bonnet.  It will be hard to explain at work.  Megan, you are rocking that yellow!
This is more like it--sweet  Prairie Lulu with her Prairie Mama.

And here is the Proud Prairie Banner.  Long may it wave (courtesy of Insta Print and a 70% off coupon with Groupon).  

I am certain Prairie Eydie will want to weigh in on the festivities. Tune in on Friday.  

BUT WAIT!!!  A Prairie Pa is joining us tomorrow.  Eydie's dad has graciously provided us with our second guest post.  A Prairie Grlz t-shirt will soon be in his mailbox.  Too much excitement for one week.  

Prairie Sherry

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