Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Prairie Pa Weighs in On Public Officials and Their Peeps

Prairie Pa prefers to have tulips behind him instead of people.

Please give my father, Prairie Pa, a big prairie HAY-lo!  I was shocked when dad emailed me a guest blog.  I can tell that gardening season is winding down and he is looking for new areas to compete with me in.  He thinks that he has the power to bring back our Russian readers. Either that or he wants to be the NEW Andy Rooney. 
And now . . . my father . . . Prairie Pa. 

Why do public officials, from the President down to the water utility manager, have people standing behind them when making a speech or answering questions? In the old days we had drapes, now we have people.

I remember puzzling over this while watching Rudy Giuliani meet the press after the 911 attacks.  The people made some sense, as Rudy asked questions of firefighters and police officers behind him. But now days those standing behind are merely human potted ferns.

Don’t these people have anything to do? What does it cost us to have them stand there? Why can't they just sit in the front row? Why do they have to stand there gazing at the back of the public official's neck?

People standing behind candidates reached its zenith during the last election. The candidates had more people in back of them than in front.

Imagine the time spent coaching them:
  • keep an idiotic smile (or frown) plastered on at all times
  • no talking
  • no nose picking or scratching in inappropriate locations
  • Look like you really love and understand the pap flowing from the candidate

It is also important to have a good racial mix. Be sure you include those from every voting block, young and old, and every color. And of course, make darn sure Dick Tuck does not sneak in. (I did not know who Dick Tuck was.  I figured some of our younger readers would be in the same boat.  Here ya go!) 

Dick Tuck (born 1924) is a former American political consultant, campaign strategist, advance man, and political prankster for the Democratic National Committee.

I always appreciated people who stand up in front of a large group and say: Here I am! All alone! A confident person! Like Ethel Merman, all alone, in front of thousands.  It was just her against the world, blasting out “There is No Business Like Show Business.” Or what about Harry Truman “Giving them Hell” all alone? Did Johnny Cash need people behind him? Well yes, but it was the Tennessee Three (or was it Two?) and they were playing music. Did Lincoln or Douglas have people standing behind them during their debates—I should say not.

If Bud Selig was alive, this would never happen.   (Ooops.  I don't know who Bud Selig is either - probably because he has something to do with baseball.) 

Allan Huber "Bud" Selig (born July 30, 1934) is the ninth and current Commissioner of Major League Baseball, having served in that capacity since 1992 as the acting commissioner, and as the official commissioner since 1998.

Prairie Pa (and Prairie Eydie)


  1. Give 'em Hell Prairie Pa! Loved your insights. Keep them coming!

  2. I just talked to my dad and he is already working on his next blog. I will pass along your comment. Thanks! Prairie Eydie