Friday, September 20, 2013


Who is that cat in the comics that makes that sound?  I don't have time to google it, and therein lies the problem.  I don't have time.  This tin is sitting on my computer desk mocking me.  I am not "all ready."  I am not even half ready. "Ack!"  describes how I am feeling right now.    

On Wednesday, Eydie painted this glowing picture of me as the Prairie Grlz cheerleader, forever encouraging her to not give up, and to fight the good fight for the Prairie Grl team.  I think I may have even screamed, "Win this one for the Gipper!"

In fact, my pom pons are drooping.

It is 5:13 AM on Friday morning, and I am just crafting this post. My "to do" list is longer than Moby Dick, and just as tedious. Sorry Melville fans, but I just can't slog through it. 

This is the extent of my Willy St. Fair prep.  Pretty darn dismal, wouldn't you say?  Prairie Sherry had better get her act in gear. Quit spouting off all those platitudes to Prairie Eydie and get that proverbial log out of your own eye, girlfriend.

The real question is how many overused metaphors, similes, and allusions can I pack into this one sorry post?

I shall spare you and keep this brief.  We have a mere 48 hours until Willy St.  Either I get all this crap into the car or not, but the fact is, I will be there.  I will send Eydie off for my raspberry scone.  I will take a sip of perfectly brewed coffee from my favorite travel mug, and I will thoroughly enjoy the day.

Join us if you can--in body or in spirit.  We promise you lots of pictures on Monday.  This was one of our big goals for the summer. We made it!  Go, Grlz, Go!!!!
Prairie Sherry      


  1. "ACK!" Was from Bill the Cat, in the strip Bloom County.
    Miss that strip= was funny as hell!
    good luck pulling it all together for the show!

  2. THAT'S IT!!! And I didn't have to google! The cat was rather brain dead, if I remember correctly. Hmmmm, does seem to describe me lately.