Thursday, January 9, 2014

Where Are Those Darn Prairie Grlz?

Where are those darn Prairie Grlz?  Have they prematurely ditched blogging to work on Hillary's campaign?  (Bill for 1st Lady!  Bill for 1st Lady!)  Did the cold weather do them in? Were they offered a movie deal starring Sharon Stone and Holly Hunter?  Has Sharon finally become Bon Jovi's musical muse?

Nope.  None of the above.

Yesterday Prairie Sherry broke her wrist.  She posted the above photo on Facebook.  For some reason this painful pic showed up on my Facebook news feed multiple times.  (This prompted me to take a well deserved, month-long hiatus from Facebook.)  

How did the break happen?  Well, Sharon was mailing a birthday card (at 6:00 AM), slipped on the ice, fell on her wrist, and broke it.

Sharon's daughter drove her to Urgent Care.  Unfortunately, Urgent Care doesn't open until 9:00 because everything URGENT happens between 9 and 5. Our prairie heroine was in such pain that an ambulance came to get her.  She was given pain killers and a splint.  (See above photo.) 

Sharon will have surgery Monday.  The good news is Sharon will immediately start physical therapy.  Tapping out blogs will be fundamental to her recovery.  The bad news is that Sharon rarely follows her physical therapy recommendations.  (Reread, "The Truth About Lying," July 8, 2013)  Feel free to email Sharon ideas of how to spend her convalescence.  

Prairie Eydie


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