Sunday, January 19, 2014

Prairie Sherry Picks Out a Post

The street value of these could probably
 let me retire next week,
but I need them THIS WEEK!
I have had more rest in the past 10 days than I probably experienced in all of 2013.  There have been times since the magnificent slip and fall on January 8 that the best I could do was to prop myself in a corner of the sofa and try to focus on Sponge Bob. Even if my foggy brain could have processed the fact that I was watching crap TV, I just didn't have the energy to do anything about it. If I wasn't actually sleeping, I felt like I was seconds away from dropping off into some sort of dream state.

Did I mention that doctors have given me lots of drugs?

A broken wrist hurts like heck, and I am really suppressing a desire to throw in some real profanity.  My jaw still aches from all of the teeth clenching I did the first couple of days.  Then there came the period of a relatively pain-free, drug-induced haze. I did have a desire to find that tie-dyed t shirt that I think is in the Goodwill bag and to put flowers in my hair.  I also had a desire to munch on bags of Fritos. I definitely ditched the bra because I couldn't figure out how to put it on with one hand.

Now I am giving up pill bottles one by one, and life is returning with some clarity. I can actually feel a dull throb under my plastic splint.  Ouch!  Well, sometimes more than a dull throb.  I ache all over, but at least I can form a coherent sentence--I think.
There are probably 700 pages of
reading and correcting here.

The first thing I noticed with this new-found clarity is a huge pile of papers that seem to have found a home on my kitchen counter. I believe that these are papers that I must grade and post before the end of the semester this coming Friday.  I seem to have a vague recollection of writing a semester exam while "under the influence" sometime last week.   I hope my sub will proofread and edit.

This little foray into limited-limb-use has  given me a much greater appreciation for my knees. They have been instrumental in the opening the toothpaste tube, the milk bottle, various pill bottles, etc.  I have always recognized that they were useful in my ambulatory life, bit I had no idea that they could fill in for a worthless left hand.   I will treat them with greater respect in the future.

My friends and family are certainly appreciated.  My poor sister sat with me for three days.  She made sure I didn't totter out into the street or attempt any one-handed filleting.  She also made a chart so that my addled brain could remember what I should be taking and when.  

Prairie Eydie and Kathy  came so that they could provide some company.  They listened to my senseless babbling both on the phone and in person.  Kathy filled my refrigerator and freezer so we wouldn't starve.  Eydie brought Lulu, who sweetly watched the longest kid's video ever created so that her mother could console me.

I have received tons of emails and Facebook messages.  My favorite sub, Missy, is holding my class together.  Believe me, I didn't even provide a bottle of glue.  This absence was not planned, and this poor woman is trying to create lessons out of smoke.

Good ol' Rory
My daughters afar from the nest have checked in regularly.  The youngest fledgling still in the nest has taken on extra duties.  It is really a pain to have a mother who acts more like a three-year-old.

The dog has faithfully remained by my side for continuous head rubs.  Oh my, a dog is pretty darn nice when you are confined to a 1300 square foot house for several weeks in the depths of winter.  Note to self:  Always have a dog.

And so my dear Prairie Readers, I need to go back to my finger stretches and wrist bends.  I have been terrible about physical therapy in the past, but I need to be able to collage in the future. Collaging requires mobile wrists.  
It really hurts to do this!

Prairie Sherry

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