Monday, January 20, 2014

Prairie Eydie's Top Tips to Get Through Those Winter Blues PART ONE

I am struggling Prairie Friends.  Struggling to get through another Wisconsin winter.  Usually by March I am ready to gnaw off my arm and blow torch my sweaters.  This year I am doing things differently so I can smoothly transition into Spring without personal drama. 

Prairie Eydie's Top Tips to Get Through The Winter  PART ONE

Take an interest in football, if only for a limited time.   (Your interest can even be insincere!)  I jumped on the Packer bandwagon for two weeks this January. 
  • Packers vs. Bears.  Who doesn't love it when the fans act like big, fat babies?
  • Packers vs. San Fransico 49ers.  Very close game.  I thought the Packers could win even after the game was over and done.
I would have continued watching football, but the Packers lost to the 49ers.  I am unable to watch a team other than the Packers or the Badgers. 

BELOW:  Meet my friend, Maren.  She is a real Packer fan and looks awesome in her Packer boa. 

I used to  worry  football wouldn't be fun because I had no idea what was going on.  Nonsense. Just be happy when the players are happy.  Be angry when your coach is angry.  Be aware your home team scored a touchdown when the bartender gives you a free shot.  Accessorize with a Packer boa.  Fun & Flirty.

BELOW:  A card guest blogger Lena left on my desk at work.

Make every Friday FABULOUS Friday and Not "Wear A Sweatshirt and Stained Yoga Pants" Friday.

I find Friday the perfect day to put on a cute dress and accessorize with a fairly heavy hand.  Everyone is looking "schlumpy" so you will look extra, super-duper good in comparison.

Tiaras are optional.   

Plus, why not end the work week feeling good about yourself?  Looking good erases missed deadlines and stupid comments made during staff meetings.  I have found that coworkers are joining me in Fabulous Friday because they don't want to be outdone.  (No.  I am not saying that women are competitive.  I am just . . . saying. . . ) 

Make sure to tune in for PART TWO of  this blog.  Also, let me know how you're getting through the winter.  (Readers in warm climates need not reply.)

Prairie Eydie 


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