Friday, June 28, 2013

Prairie Grl Tosses Fiddle Aside in Favor of Allen Stone

Monday night I went with a friend to see Allen Stone (Not to be confused with Alan, the smokin' landscaper mentioned by Sharon in the blog "Dare to Be a Free-Form Gardener") at Madison's historic Majestic Theater.  I have spent the last several months listening to Allen's current, self-entitled CD - Allen Stone.  I love it so much!  My oldest son has told me it is awkward when I dance to "Sleep."  He may have a salient point, but still - OWch!!!  Allen was the opening act for Andrew McMahon (who I had never heard of).  I was happy to buy a ticket just to see Allen for 38 minutes.

I didn't realize that I would be one of the three oldest relics at the show.  The other relics were my dear friend and the bassist's mother.  The average age was about 23.  Luckily I am secure enough to embrace being Allen's oldest fan. 

I was very curmudgeonly because 1 in 5 of the youngsters were texting.  I am old fashioned in thinking that you shouldn't text if you're at a fun place with your friends.  Oh, 3 out of 5 girls had bra straps showing.  (Don't get me wrong gentle readers, I like the peek of a colorful bra strap showing as much as the next person.  But these tops were just screaming for a strapless bra.  Now Sharon can write a blog called - "Did Ma Wear A Strapless Bra?")  And 5 out of 5 boys had on shorts and a grey ISH t-shirt with pit stains.  Thankfully Allen has fashion sense - as you can see by the above picture.  Who doesn't love a guy strolling around the state of Washington wearing a capelet and skinny jeans?   And the huge crooked glasses, reminiscent of the pair I had in 8th grade?  Frosting on the cake.  

Back to the youngsters texting.  The three girls in front of me were texting each other.  Finally one of them texted, all in caps, "I HATE THIS," and they all left.  (I guess they were there for Andrew McMahon.)  Well, the joke was on them.  Ha!  Shortly after they left, Allen invited the crowd to throw all their troubles on his back so we could be rid of our worries and just have fun.  I wonder how he felt carrying around my thigh insecurity, the thistle problem I have in my yard, confusion on how to properly dry herbs, and three unwritten papers?   

The point of this entire blog was supposed to be me encouraging you to go out and enjoy some music this summer.  It was also going to make some awesome point about aging, but I forget what that was.  I am not sure where this blog went off topic, perhaps after the title.  So Prairie Friends, just randomly pick some music to experience and have fun.  Appreciate the art & love musicians are sharing with you.  Bring along some friends (if you are in the Madison area, invite a Prairie Grl), put away your cell phones, and make sure you're wearing the appropriate bra.  (Sharon says my obsession with girls wearing the correct bra means I have hit middle age.)

You may want to check out Allen's Stone's official website to see if he is coming to a city near you.

Or you may be curious enough to view this extremely low budget video of one of my favorite songs, "Sleep."  Sharon said there was NO way she was watching this video.  Geez, Sharon.  Loosen your bonnet strings.

It is Beauty Tip Friday. Woot!

In honor of Allen's long flowing locks, the featured product is Kenra Volume Spray 10 oz (283 g) .  Yep,  this is the product for you if you want to keep your messy beach curls all day long.  Prairie Men - it is sure to keep your Michael Landon curls in place well after the shirtless chores and romping are done.   

I've been all over the world, yeah,
I've dug for diamonds and I've dove for pearls,
And the real treasure that we all seek,
Is hiding in plain sight of me, oh...

       --Allen Stone

Allen Stone:  Honorary Prairie Grl


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