Thursday, June 13, 2013

Day 2--The Older Grl Speaks...

Was it just our imagination that Pa Ingalls was plowing without his shirt on?  I have searched Google Images for far too long and have come up with nothing.  If truth be told, I am older than Eydie. I admit to having had a crush on Little Joe Cartwright.  Now there was Michael Landon at his best.  Eydie gets a vague look on her face when I mention Bonanza. She is just an infant.  This is the best I could come up with--

Pa Ingalls cleaning up on a Saturday night...

...and Little Joe (sigh).

My middle daughter is graduating from high school on Saturday.  What does that have to do with Prairie Grzl?  It has everything to do with my realization that in just two years when my youngest finishes her high school years, I will be an old  mature bird sitting on an empty nest.  My oldest is already off on her own with my two grandbabies in tow, my middle one is packing her bags, and my youngest is asking about college tours.

How will I spend my time when my life doesn't revolve around school sports, work schedules, proms, and all night study sessions?  Believe me, I have plenty to do!  Boredom is not in my vocabulary. Prairie Grzl is my jump start into that life when my messy projects are never put away, no one has taken my favorite scissors and used them to give the dog a haircut, and I can stay up as late as I want doing what I want.

I have stacks of project ideas, but my two passions right now are making miniature collages (3 inch square) and creating jewelry in a style that I like to call "Industrial Chic."  Eydie has been my collage muse.  She was the one who handed me my first bottle of Mod Podge and a paint brush and told me to tear my paper rather than cut.  The jewelry grew out of a turn down a wrong aisle in a Michael's Crafts.

So that is part of my story.  Back to baking bars and cookies for the graduation party.

Sharon (aka Miss Tetley)


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