Wednesday, June 19, 2013

GASP! Prairie Grl Squelches Creativity In Children

I used to imagine I'd be the kind of mom who would be freely immersing her children in creative projects.  You know, stuff like finger painting with tinted shaving cream, stitching designs into Styrofoam meat trays (the meat would have been organic), plaster handprints every 6 months...  I did really well with my first born and regularly scheduled "Art time with Mommy" into his day. 

By kid number three I had digressed to hiding the art supplies behind the cookbooks.  I didn't want to deal with the messes and tension headaches that sprung from formative creative minds.  They'd eat the glue, paint their hands with soupy watercolors, flush the play dough down the toilet, and use enough paper to kill several mighty oaks. 

Sadly, it has become impossible for me to hide my interest in collage (and art supplies) because my desk looks like this:

My oldest son has  absolutely no interest in collaging.  ("Art Time with Mommy" probably damaged him more than I am aware.)  My youngest is content using my vintage rickrack to mummify her stuffed animals.  BUT, my needy middle child, Gus, loves to collage.  I have run out of excuses as to why he can't collage.  (Mommy is worried you won't have enough paper.  Mommy needs an adult beverage and a power nap before she can do anything.  Mommy has given up collaging and now only draws with a number two pencil.) 

So...  I dared greatly dear friends.  I let Gus collage.  He has a definite knack for tearing paper, randomly slapping stuff on the canvas, and having an overall vision.   Sniff.  He also has a talent for dragging me into Michael's craft store and racking up quite a bill. 

Do I regret those years of hiding paints and locking up rubber stamps?  No.  I realize it was self-preservation and have taken steps to forgive myself.  But take a look at Gus' first collage below.  Mom Pretty.   Did you all see that? 

Dare greatly today.  Create an art project - extra points if you create with a six year old.


PS - Tune in tomorrow for an update on my writing class.  You'll find out how this Prairie Grl angered the whole class!  This is definitely new territory for me to till.    Oh - my need for perfect writing is still alive and simmering. 

I love quotes.  So here is one for you.  "Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good."  Voltaire   

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  1. Mrs. Bigelow...

    Did you clean up your work space a bit before you took that picture? Seems to me that the last time I was in your "studio" (aka "the guest bedroom"), I couldn't see a wood surface.

    Miss Tetley