Friday, June 14, 2013

Day 3 - Young Prairie Grl Answers Prairie Men

Day 3 - Young Prairie Grl Answers Prairie Men

I was planning on blogging about the difficulty of being an artist while raising three young children - stressing the importance of not waiting to start your artistic life until all your children are out of the house.  (I am 45 years old and my youngest turned three in March.  You do the math, it is far too upsetting for me.)  Then I was going to seamlessly transition to the featured Prairie Grl Beauty Product of the Week.  (Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm, #02 Whole Lotta Honeyfor instant Jennifer Aniston Chic.  Leave those berries and corals to Betty White.)  

BUT, it has come to my attention that the male readers of Prairie Grlz are feeling left out.  It seems they have absolutely no recollection of ever watching Little House on the Prairie and the "horrifying" sight of Michael Landon in a wash tub made them want to chew off their right leg.  

To quote one anonymous reader, "The blogsite seems to have a clear obsession with Michael Landon, a celebrity from ancient times.  I want to put in a request for equal time.  I suggest you hunt down a photo of a shirtless Raquel Welch plowing a field.  Well ok...she doesn't have to be plowing a field.  A shirtless Raquel Welch sitting in an old tub will do."  

Now, you'd think this reader would have stayed with the integrity of Prairie Grlz and asked that Ma, in her high-necked, flannel nightgown, with her long greying braid slung over her shoulder be featured.  Sigh.  Sharon and I deeply value our "Prairie Men" and hope that this photo of Raquel Welch wearing Pa's hat will make everyone happy.  

Okay.  Next week Prairie Grlz will be focused like a laser on living the creative life though ripped paper, hot glue guns, and vintage buttons.

Eydie (aka Mrs. Bigelow)

PS - Sharon, please save me a sampler platter of those bars.  

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