Friday, June 20, 2014

Prairie Pa Siezes the Moment!

Welcome back, guest blogger - Prairie Pa!  Today he reminds us all to seize the moment and enjoy the people around us.  Hmmmm.  Maybe I will give Prairie Sherry a quick call!  Read the blog and then call someone you love.  Prairie Eydie

Carpe Diem

This is me as a young boy in Peshtigo, Wisconsin.  (Love the hat, Prairie Pa!  Even then he knew how to seize the day.  Prairie Eydie)
My friend Matt died a year ago. I knew Matt for 43 years. He was a man of insight and flawless character. He’s gone. My father is gone.  Uncle Roy, Aunt Hazel and Uncle Gordy are gone. My Mother-in-Law, Edith, is gone.

It is smooth sailing for me and my mother, Dorothy.

My window of opportunity to enjoy them is closed. I wish I had spent more time with them. I was busy . . .  I guess? I had an illusion that life would go on and on, forever, with plenty of time.

But as my father, Red Gremmer, once said, “That is water over the dam.” I cannot bring them back. BUT.  I still have a mother, a wife, siblings, children, and grandchildren. I have friends to enjoy, flowers to plant, and places to see. I must take advantage of this—now.

This is my resolution: I am going to seize the moment. It is so important to live in the moment and to make the most of our windows of opportunity. I am 75 years old and my window is closing. This saying is old, but not worn out: “No person on their deathbed wishes they had spent more time watching television.”

Can you identify which one I am?

I am going to seize the moment with my loved ones. I will do it proactively and be intentional in planning. I am going to block out time well in advance for these moments. I will take risks (at least risky for a guy my age).

I am going love my wife. I am going to seize the moment with my granddaughter Molly who tells me: “I love you so much grandpa.” I am going to seize the moment and play silly board games with my grandsons Lenny and Gus (up to the moment just before I go insane).  I am going to take granddaughter Lulu to the park and watch her do things on play equipment that no other four-year old in the world can do. I am going to go camping (I may actually back out on this) with my son Pete and the grandkids. I am going to invite friends to dinner.  I am going to make everyone, including The True Green Lawn Service people who come to my front door on a weekly basis, welcome.

I am going to be friendly to those who reach out to me and who seem to like me. I know who they are—those people who call me up, invite me over, and talk to me.

A proud moment at Prairie Eydie's college graduation. 
I want my grandkids to be like Jane. Several years ago, in a Sunday school class, Jane was sharing about her grandfather and she started to cry. I thought "Wow! she really loved her grandfather." If my kids, grandkids, or friends could rustle up a tear when I am gone it would be great. I can make this happen if I seize the moment.

Prairie (The Rocket) Pa

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