Monday, June 16, 2014

Prairie Grl SNAPS (Part 1)

After nine months of countless rounds of gut stripping antibiotics,  sporadic courses of steroids (The lose-your-mind-kinda steroids.  NOTE:  texts should be ignored from people who are on a "Steroid Blast."  On second thought, don't ignore the texts, respond to them in a calm, reassuring way and then delete.), and a sinus surgery - I have put on my walking shoes and left Western medicine behind in search of relief in Eastern medicine.   

Let me back peddle for those not blessed to be in my sinus hell loop.  To celebrate the beginning of the 2013 school year I got my first sinus infection. Since that went so well, I carried on having infection after infection.  I trick-or-treated with an infection.  I carved the organic turkey with an infection.  I trimmed the Christmas tree with an infection. 

In March I decided to have sinus surgery.  I never got a second opinion or considered surgery alternatives.  I had collected many sinus surgery success stories from people who-knew-someone-who-was-related-to-someone-who-had-the-surgery.  From what I could gather, these unknown people never had another sinus infection!  (Actually, our beloved Prairie  Sherry had sinus surgery several years ago.  Sharon forgot  to mention that she lost her sense of smell for FIVE years after her surgery. Luckily a trip to the Southwest returned her sense of smell.)   

I greedily snatched the first sinus surgery opening, after viewing a horrifying MRI of my clogged sinuses.  The recovery from surgery was monstrous, though I became quite skilled in taping gauze pads under my nose to catch "run-off."  A loop in my brain kept repeating, "This is all going to be worth it.  This is all going to be worth it."  Three weeks after surgery I had another infection, followed by another, followed by yet another.  

During the onset of infection #3, something inside me snapped.  I was NOT returning to Walgreen's to pick up another round of antibiotics and steroids. This sad routine hadn't worked for months, so why would it work now?  I am sure you've heard this quote from Einstein:

5 days later, I found myself at an Acupuncture Health Center.  I poured myself mug of yucky tasting, highly beneficial herbal tea to drink while I waited for my acupuncturist.  Sitting next to me was woman whose ears were neatly lined with needles.  All of a sudden, she popped up.  She had remember she needed red quinoa at the co-op, so out she went with her needles in her ears to do some shopping.  The receptionist whispered, "People do that all the time.  Leave in the middle of a tune-up to get some shopping done." 

Tune in Wednesday for "Prairie Grl SNAPS - Part 2."  Find out why cupping doesn't mix with  strapless sundresses and why shopping at Home Depot after acupuncture isn't a good idea. 

To be continued . . . 

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