Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Art of Not Baking Christmas Cookies

For obvious reasons, Martha Stewart will never be a Prairie Grl.

I was going to write about Sharon's birthday, but I am pretty darn sure we all need a break from that subject.  Then I was going to write about my sinuses, but Prairie Sherry gently reminded me that blogging about illness is boring.  So - I decided this was the perfect time to explain why I won't be baking or eating Christmas cookies this holiday season. 

I went through a year(s) long phase when I made several different kinds of pain-in-the-ass Christmas cookies.  I just had my first kid and wanted to get a bunch of holiday traditions in place.  I had fond memories of baking cookies with my Grandma Edie, so I decided to conquer that  tradition first.

Lets see.  I made spritz cookies because everyone told me how easy they were.  (This Prairie Grl was not made to handle a gun of any kind, especially a spritz gun.)  I made those candy cane cookies, where you have to twist the dough and shape it into a cane shape.  The only bonus was smashing real candy canes with a hammer to sprinkle on the cookies.  Of course, I made the traditional cut out sugar cookies.  Mine always burned around the edges and I was too sick of cookies to bother decorating them.

I finally stopped the cookie baking tradition for two reasons.  One, I hated it.  And two, I was the only one eating the cookies.  My first year of cookie baking hell, involved me trying to follow the Weight Watcher point system.  I was easily eating my measly 24 points in cookies before 11:00 AM. 

Luckily Weight Watcher magazine offered the life changing tip of storing Christmas cookies in the trunk of your car.  That way you can shame yourself every time you leave your warm house to pillage cookies from your trunk.  Truth?  I found myself more fixated on the cookies in the trunk than when they were on the counter. 

I have never been able to erase the fact that ONE Christmas cookie is between 4 to 7 points.  So, I don't eat any Christmas cookies even though I am no longer on Weight Watchers.  (That last sentence is dangerous to include, as Prairie Pa will be trying to catch me eating cookies.  You just try, Prairie Pa!  You just try!)  

Prairie Eydie

PS  I DO eat marzipan.  PLEASE don't tell me how much they equal in Weight Watcher points. 


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