Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Top 10 Reasons Why the School Year Should End NOW!

This is my 25th year of teaching.  For the most part, I enjoy being a teacher.  But frankly, I am sick of school extending into the first two weeks of June.  By the end of May everyone is freaking about about test scores, ridiculous student behavior, and moving classrooms.  To put it simply.  Teachers are done.  Students are done.  Today, I am starting a movement to end school by the end of May.  

Prairie Eydie's Top Ten Reasons Why the School Year Should End NOW!

10.  Yesterday two of my students (in different hours) used hand sanitizer to clean their shoes instead of completing their reading assignment.

I wish I could be this kinda girl.  
9.  I have run out of ideas and am now recycling lesson plans from September.

I double dirty dog dare Suze Orman to come and deny me my Starbucks on June 1st.  

8.  It now takes 2 venti, dark roast coffees from Starbucks to get me through the day.  Ugh.  This is playing havoc on both my gut and budget.  

7.  Heads-Up, Seven-Up & Silent Ball now seem like a challenging extension activities.

6.  The answer to any pressing issues like chronic tardies and alignment to the Common Core is:  "Oh right. I will deal with that next year." 

5.  "Good Enough" has indeed become "Good Enough."  Gone are the discussions of high expectations and pushing yourself to the breaking point.  I, for one, am already at my breaking point.

School Spirit requires way too much effort.  Especially if I am DENIED my morning coffee. 

4.  No one has the spirit to participate in Spirit Week.  

3.  A career move to barista seems strategic.  

2.  Suddenly those boxy, school t-shirts (issued at the beginning of the school year) are looking pretty good.

I will be smiling June 11th too, Dave!
  1.  Since David Letterman is done, I should be too.  

Prairie Eydie

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