Monday, May 18, 2015

The Prairie Grlz: Favorite Things for Spring 2015

Take a seat.  The Priaire Grlz are enjoying a Sunday morning together, and we would love to have you join us. 

Conversation topic:  Our latest favorite things.

A nice crisp white will go nicely with these.  

Prairie Eydie:

I went to the farmers' market yesterday, and it is asparagus season! I took two laps through the stalls before settling on two bunches of perfection.  Tonight I am going to put them on the grill drizzled with garlicky olive oil and salt and pepper.  Yum! You don't really need much more than that, but a crusty loaf of bread and a little salmon filet would be nice additions.  

A simple pleasure.
Prairie Sherry:

Canning jars are not just for canning anymore.  As the empties began piling up in my basement this winter, the last of my drinking glasses hit the tile floor. The jars became our glasses (they look very shabby chic) and then storage containers.  I just found these nifty screw-on tops in both wide and small mouth sizes.  Prairie Eydie thinks that they will be brilliant for saving those glasses of milk or juice that don't quite get finished by the Prairie Kidlettes. Best yet, those canning jars are now getting year-round use.

You could probably use it as a sandwich
spread as well.
Prairie Eydie:

Good Earth, a Wisconsin-based company, is FABULOUS!  I love their lotions and candles.  Their products are scented with lavender and actually smells like lavender, not chemical-laden room freshener (The lavender sniff  test is my go-to for any floral scented product--lavender must smell like real lavender).  

You can get their products online ( or on Willy Street in Madison at The Madison Greenhouse Store (  Which, by the way, is a great place for all sorts of nifty gifts.  Need a bee house, anyone?

Choices, choices, choices...
Prairie Sherry:

Buying eye glasses on the internet!  My last pair of progressively stronger progressive bifocals cost $400 at one of the many optical departments at the big box stores.  The internet has opened a whole new option. For $69 (with on-line coupon), I have a pair of progressive bifocals with funky, fun frames.  In fact, I now have three pair!

When you get your vision checked, ask for your prescription and be sure the doctor includes the pupillary distance (PD).  There are many websites to choose from.  You just plug in your prescription and order away.  I used my existing frames to check on appropriate size, bow length, etc.  Those that I have purchased look great and the prescription is perfect, in fact, a bit better than my $400 pair.  

The label is deceiving.
Vacuum the carpet, not the dog.
Prairie Eydie:

Is there anything less glorious than having to buy a vacuum?  Mine of 20 years died last week. I replaced it with a Hoover "Pet" Wind (sounds like the kitty got into some beans) after consulting with Prairie Pa and Consumer Reports.  I started vacuuming my bedroom, and the dirt cup immediately (and embarrassingly) filled with dust, dirt, and cat hair.  Ewwwwwwwwww!  Actually, now I think that my vacuum stopped working 8 years ago.

I still don't like vacuuming, but my feet no longer make crunching noises as I walk from my bed to the bathroom door.  

Put on your sunglasses.  Prairie Sherry
is going to smile.
Prairie Sherry:

Thanks to the miracles of modern dentistry and orthodontics, I have a pretty good set of choppers for someone in her late 50's.  Alas, the ravages of red wine and coffee have left their mark.  I've purchased those whitening strips that go for the cost of a week-end vacation in Door County, and while the results are very apparent, they don't last long. Soon, you are back at the store for your strip fix.  

About a year ago, I came across a homemade whitening mixture.  I figured that it would work about as well as soda and vinegar on the bathtub drain filled with teenager waist length hair and conditioner--nada, nothing, nil.  I gave it a try anyway, AND IT WORKS!

Mix a little baking soda into a small cup or dish.  Add a splash of hydrogen peroxide and a dab of toothpaste.  Brush away!  It should feel a little gritty.  Do this two times a week, and your pearly whites will be truly white.  And Prairie Eydie, this does not replace flossing!  

Our favorite things may not have the pizazz and flash of Oprah's, but last time we checked, our bank accounts didn't look like hers either.  These are just a few things that have struck us as share-worthy.  Enjoy!  

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Prairie Eydie and Prairie Sherry

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