Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What? In-Service?????

I didn't mark this day on the calendar, so when I was reminded about it last evening, I was truly taken aback.  I had totally forgotten. I had always imagined I would have grandiose plans for this day, but I don't, and so it is passing like so much of this summer. 

Today my former colleagues went back to school for teacher in-service.

A friend had invited me over for wine and nibbles last night, and as we sat on her deck enjoying a beautiful August evening, she remarked that she had been in her classroom all day because teacher in-service started today.  

Whoa!  If it hadn't been for a rather rapid and unexpected decision last spring, I, too, would have spent yesterday in a musty, humid classroom arranging desks and making copies.  Today, I would have sat through three or four meeting where I would be told that we would be making major changes, and that they would start on September 2nd, and we would not be receiving time to plan or any additional training.  

So on this official first day of retirement, what did I do?

  • I woke up at 8:30 rather than 4:30.  
  • I picked up our aging 2002 Mercury Sable wagon from the mechanic's.  Before that, I went to a gold and silver dealer and sold some silver jewelry that I wore ages ago while teaching.  The pieces were terribly dated, and the cash they produced help to pay for gaskets and plug wires.  I have no idea what those are, but they sure are expensive. Betty Blue Destiny is running again, and my two youngest are/should be very grateful that their means of transport took another gasp of air and began breathing on her own once again. My jewel selection is narrowed, but less for my children to laugh over in coming years.  "She wore that?"
  • I averted a disaster when my youngest, now a senior, discovered that the AP English novel she was suppose to have read much earlier this summer is no longer available in any of our local bookstores.  A paper on said book is due at the end of the week.  Lordy, thank all heavenly powers for the Kindle Store and the fact that I could even find my old Kindle.  The charger cord was found under the youngest daughter's bed (ooooo, the dust bunnies) after a two-hour search.  Much vivid language was used.  Said daughter slipped out and bought me a frothly iced-coffee drink and gave me a big hug before heading out for three hours of volleyball practice.  At least she knows she done wrong!
  • I hung a curtain rod that was suppose to have been put up during spring break back in April.  I hate putting up curtain rods, especially when it causes sweat to trickle down in places that are usually not seen by humanity.  I felt like I need to accomplish something positive today, and I wasn't sure that I was going to get this post done.
  • I poured myself a glass of wine at 3 PM.  No, I am not planning on making this a habit, but I thought a little blogging and a little wine was a good way to recognize the day.

It is 4 PM.  My former colleagues are just coming home from their long, meeting-filled day.  Each is stripping off the ugly "community-building t-shirt" he/she was "asked" to wear--always uni-sexed and always made of bulky cotton knit.  Usually the smalls and mediums go first, so imagine all of those XXL's flopping around.  Prairie Eydie texted me that she cinched hers with a decorative belt trying to evoke the style muse.  I hope she took pictures.  Oops, just checked my phone!  She did!!

Tomorrow and Thursday they will go back for the same.  No time will be given for room prep, so that will be done in early mornings, late evenings, and during Labor (how appropriate) Day. 

As for me?  I miss my teaching buddies.  I miss my cozy classroom.  I miss the idea of meeting those new 8th grade faces.

On the other hand, I am looking forward to those golden days of September.  I am looking forward to heading to South Carolina in mid October to visit my sister-friends, Mari and Mary. I am looking forward to making it to every single one of my daughter's home volleyball games.

Overused but true--Life is good!

Prairie Sherry

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  1. Prairie Eydie and I spoke of you today and wondered how you spent this beautiful day...Thanks for the update!