Thursday, August 28, 2014

Prairie Bro Chimes In With An Historically Accurate Account

From the keyboard of Prairie Sherry's brother, Paul--aka Prairie Bro:

As of late I, a faithful reader of my sister’s epistles, have noticed a tapering off of the frequency of said entries into the Blogosphere.  As a result, I feel it incumbent upon myself to relate some history that some of you are aware of, and many are not, regarding Prairie Sherry.

As some of you know, Prairie Sherry was reared within the heart of the prairie among the ring-necked pheasants and meadow larks.  Eastern South Dakota, in a home that was more adobe than sod, but still nestled among the clover and bromegrass, was where her ma and pa had settled.  It was here that the future educator of your children, Prairie Sherry, and her cousin, Prairie Sandy, a future Iowa  congresswoman, became the founding mothers of an elite and exclusive organization.

This organization, The Mighty Mouse Club, was based on a very popular (at least to Prairie Sherry and Cousin Sandy) cartoon that aired on Saturday mornings. It was also a medium through which Prairie Sherry could exert her longing for power, as she instantly became the president of this esteemed collection of two members (who will henceforth be referred to as “ Good Mice”). This organization, too, I believe, foretold of her inclination to aid the down trodden and weak (all the other mice).

The organization, did not go unopposed, however. There were significant attempts to thwart the advancements of the MMC through the untiring efforts of Prairie Bro and little Prairie Kay. These two will go down in history referred to as the “Bad Mice." Their attempts at sabotage and skullduggery were always parried by the copious amounts of paperwork, sincerity, and, yes, sometimes tears of the MMC Administration.

In conclusion, I feel that you all should be slightly in awe of the two “Good Mice” that made the prairie a little more habitable and safe through the encouragement of their icon of goodness, MIGHTY MOUSE. 

I am guessing, but I feel that even now, during times of crisis, secret meetings are being held to uphold justice and the American way.

Prairie Bro

Prairie Sherry and Prairie Paul one year
after the birth of the Mighty Mouse Club.
And as the little sister of Prairie Bro, it is my turn to chime in.  It is true, we did spend 7 years of our lives on the true prairie, less than 30 miles from the Ingall's claim near DeSmett, South Dakota.

My cousin Sandy and I did start The Mighty Mouse Club in 1960. Although the youngest of the two, in true Frank Underwood style (House of Cards), I wrested power from my more compliant cousin and became President-For-Life and Despotic Overlord.

We did refer to ourselves as the "Good Mice" in an attempt to distance ourselves from the shenanigans of my then 11 year-old brother and his 4 year-old sidekick, Cousin Kay.  Yes, tears were shed, much to the delight of my brother.

I would like to report that now the four of us have reached our late 50's and 60's, a detente of sorts has been achieved.  My brother and my younger cousin have given up their devious ways and have turned to the side of goodness and truth.  Sandy and I fought the good fight and won.

I have wondered why Sandy, indeed an esteemed member of the Iowa Legislature, has not capitalized on her lifetime membership in the Mighty Mouse Club as she campaigns across northern Iowa, but she may be saving that bit of information if she turns her sights toward Washington in the future.  

Good mice all in a 1979 photo.  Left to right,
Prairie Sherry, Prairie Sandy, and Prairie Kay.
Yes, this was an unfortunate hair style for moi.

Prairie Sherry

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