Friday, August 1, 2014

Prairie Pa: The Art of Giving Advice

Popular guest blogger, Prairie Pa, is back.  He has learned, through years of experience, that no one really wants to hear his advice. 

What?  Does that mean I shouldn't call him with advice about his crowded hosta garden and how he could better utilize his free time?   Hmmmm.  Maybe I could just give him my opinion. 

Prairie Eydie
 The Art of Giving Advice

I love to give advice. I am compelled to give advice. I must correct all your poor choices and solve all your problems. Deep in the dark caverns of my soul, I know just what you need. For this reason, I am going to give you this excellent advice: Do not give advice!

Advice contains the word vice for a reason. Giving advice is a vice. Just as smoking, watching Fox News, and listening to Rachel Maddow are vices.

Parents, like myself, especially like to give our adult children advice. Be honest! Why would they listen to your advice after watching you stumble through life?  Now that they are adults and out of the nest, let them make their own decisions. They are much closer to the facts and are smart, successful adults. They have a constitutional right to screw up their own lives.

I have found the best way to give advice to your children is to find out what they want and then advise them to do it.” Harry S. Truman

Bookstore’s self-help sections are huge. We read these books and completely ignore the advice. No one ever lost money publishing a book on dieting. If we are following dieting advice, why is half the country obese? And how about books on managing our money? If we are following that advice, why is 90% of the country in hock?

My pastor gives me great advice every Sunday. Unfortunately, it is sucked out of my brain by the church doors as I walk out. I go home and ask my wife the pastor's three main points. Neither of us have any idea.

I cannot remember a time when I took anyone’s advice. Heck, I don't even listen to my doctor and I am paying him to give me advice.

A word to the wise ain't necessary - it's the stupid ones that need the advice.” Bill Cosby
Lets face it. We all know the right thing to do. It is implanted in our minds and called a conscience. We do not need someone else yacking in our ears telling us what we should do. We already know that and have decided to ignore it.

No one wants advice - only corroboration.John Steinbeck

Here is some more, unsolicited, sage advice. If once or twice during your lifetime, someone comes to you and actually asks for advice, tell them you do not give advice. But tell them you will give them your opinion. Then check and see if they follow your opinion. If not, don’t waste time offering any more opinions. They are just “funnin” you.

Prairie Pa 

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