Monday, July 28, 2014

Prairie Eydie Stays Calm and Continues to Enjoy Summer

I would like to fly over to Prairie Eydie's house, but she is too cheap.
I was at Target yesterday and all the "Back to School" displays were out.  My cart came to a complete stop and I felt nauseous. I quickly pushed my cart towards the tea aisle, escaping the Crayola, backpack, locker mirror vortex. 

I don't mind  Christmas displays going up in October or Valentine's Day goodies appearing in January.  (Truth be told, I will scuttle over to those displays to scope out the "Hello Kitty" ornaments and outdoor decorations.  For years I have wanted the festive pig with wings.  I am put off by the 39.99 price tag.  The pig never makes it to the after Christmas sale.) But I most certainly DO mind seeing school supplies in July.

As a teacher, this happens every year.  Reminders that directionless days will soon become full of students, clanging bells, and demands (many of them petty).  This year I am going to try a new approach.  I am going to calmly ignore all signs of the upcoming school year and continue enjoying summer. 

Here are ways I will avoid thoughts of school until after Labor Day:

I am not going to buy my children fresh, Back-To-School clothes.  They can continue wearing their stretched Minoqua t-shirts and shorts.  It is a win/win situation.  They are comfortable and I save money.

I will not open any fliers I get in the mail until after September.  I don't need to know about deals on Goldfish crackers and tennis shoes. 

Instead of using the most direct route to the freeway, which passes my school with the "Welcome Back Students" marquis, I will plot an alternate route that snakes through neighborhoods and Ace Hardware parking lots.  This way I can avoid seeing not only the marquis, but also the parked cars of industrious teachers who are already in their classrooms working. 

I will only shop in the front areas of Target. 

And that, dear Prairie Readers, is how I will keep my head in the sand.  Now.  I am off to bask in sunshine and flowers on my deck. 

Prairie Eydie




  1. Your pink pig absolutely killed me. Mainly because I stalked a purple Christmas hippo for months (you can see him in this random blogger post that i pulled up on Google:, only to miss out on him because he never made it to clearance. Luckily, my sister realized that was going to happen and snagged him for me ahead of time. Best. Gift. Ever.

  2. I LOVE the hippo! Your sister is awesome. Eydie