Thursday, March 27, 2014

Prairie Grl Struggles With Her Own Challenge

I have only sent one handwritten letter since Wednesday's post announcing the challenge - 30 Days/30 Letters.  It is not because I don't have a list of people I want to write to.  It is not because I don't have something to say.  It is because I don't have the correct cards to write my messages in.

I went to Target today to find some birthday cards.  They all seemed lackluster and contrived.  A bouquet of flowers.  A fuzzy cupcake.  Soft focus children.  Dogs wearing party hats. (Well, I kinda liked those.)  Then I looked at the packs of "Thank You" cards.  Ugh.  Nothing says "Thank You" like a card with a teeny, tiny gerbera daisy on it.  It is rare that I don't find what I want at Target, but I left with just some mouthwash. 

Some of you know I make my own cards.  Cards I make need to have rick rack, polka dots, and hot glue goobers.  I need to find picture I like and pair them with colors that make me happy. 

Look at the fun cards Prairie Sherry made!  She made these after an 18 hour collage fest.  She never fails to impress me.

Now I am looking forward to a mega card making session.  Am I nervous about meeting my goal of 30 cards in 30 days?  A little.  So, if you receive a piece of lined paper, folded in fourths, adorned with a crooked "Hello Kitty" sticker, you'll know why.

Continue to move forward, Prairie Friends!  Make those trips to the mailbox memorable!

Prairie Eydie


  1. Shouldn't you be sprawling on parchment paper or wielding said hot glue gun? I'm sure you're aware that hours of life vanish at Target just dashing in for a bar of Nivea and toilet paper. Stay focused and own your procrastination. ;)

  2. That is true. At least I am NOT wasting any time in the Nate Berkus aisle. Okay. This is me owning my procrastination. Eydie