Tuesday, March 25, 2014

New Prairie Grl Challenge

Even The Boss, Bruce Springsteen, has signed up for the Prairie Grls challenge.

The calendar it says it is Spring!  That means it is time for a new Prairie Grlz challenge!  (I debated waiting until April 1st to start the challenge, but I dislike the idea of waiting to start something.  I believe in starting things whenever the mood hits.  Not just on New Year's Day or on Mondays or on a full moon . . .  )

The challenge is:

30 handwritten letters/cards/postcards in 30 days
Make going to the mailbox an event again! 

Now, don't freak out and say "No way!" until you read my answers to frequently asked questions.

Do I have to write one letter a day?
Nope.  I actually started the challenge March 24 and wrote five letters in one sitting.  Your goal is to have 30 letters written in 30 days.

Why did you get to start early?
Because I needed authentic photos for the blog (see above).  It has nothing at all to do with my competitive nature.

Give me some ideas.  Who should I write to?
For starters:  college roommates, co-workers, friends, kids, loved ones, politicians, students, doctors, teachers, dog walkers, neighbors, authors, singers, baristas, organic farmers, people with birthdays,  and muses.  OH! Don't forget the Prairie Grlz!  That should get you going. 

What if I only want to write 6 letters in 30 days?
That is fine.  You can make your own rules, but that means I win!  (Seriously.  Set your own number.  I chose 30 because I want to push myself out of my comfort zone.  I have no idea what your number is, only you do.) 

What if I write all 30 letters in 1 day?
FaNtAsTiC.  Then YOU win. 

What should I write?  Purpose please.
Reminisce about a fun time
Say "thank you"
Send a joke
Believe in someone
Share a recipe
Say "Hi"
Catch them up on your life
Send a photo
Write a haiku
Say congratulations
Express yourself
Write a pun (that is for you, Kristen)
Cheer someone up
Cheer someone on

Can I work on my SMASH journal and The 30 Letters Challenge at the same time?
Good question.  YES!  As you are finding things for your SMASH journal, you will probably find stuff to send to others.  (Kinda like If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.)

Do I get extra credit if I make the letters all pretty?
I have been a teacher for 24 years and I am not a fan of extra credit.  However, I am a fan of buying the perfect postage stamp.  Right now I have Johnny Cash stamps and Ray Charles stamps.  I also love putting stickers both on the letter/card and envelope.  It is an extra dose of goodness!

Does my letter need to be handwritten?
Yes.  After being declared "dead" on the internet, even Jon Bon Jovi realized the importance of a handwritten note.

Well?  Are you in?  I hope so.  (Drop me an electronic line to let me know how it is going, though I do accept handwritten notes.) 
Prairie Eydie


  1. How am I gonna get all those addresses?

  2. Thanks Kristen!

    Anonymous, I couldn't find my address book yesterday, so I downloaded whitepages.com I easily found all the addresses I needed, even though I would like to find my address book. Eydie