Friday, March 21, 2014

Prairie Eydie SMASHES Her Journal - PART 1

A couple of years ago I bought my first SMASH journal.   (I used a Hello Kitty sticker to camouflage a greasy splotch on my SMASH Journal's cover.)  You can buy SMASH journals at Target or Michaels.  Or you could just use a spiral notebook or a three ring binder and build your own.  (I have been giving SMASH journals as gifts and no one seems to know what to do with them.)   

What is a SMASH journal?  It is a journal where you can keep all you scrips and scraps.  All your quotes and doodles.  All your notes and cards.  All those pieces of paper you want to keep, but have no place to keep them in.  There are NO rules with SMASH journal.  For some people this is frightening and for others it is exhilarating!  

Let me take you on a tour of my SMASH journal.

My ticket stubs have finally found a home.  David Sedaris, k.d. lang,  Stephanie Miller & the Sexy Liberal Show.  (I went to the Sexy Liberal Show with Prairie Sherry  My.  Goodness.  I blushed through the  entire show.  Prairie Sherry did not.)  I scratch notes next to the tickets because there are no rules and I can.


Once in a while I get a sweet letter from a student and/or parent.   These letters must be preserved because they are so rare.  On days when I wonder why I continue to teach, I open up my SMASH journal and am reminded. 

These two pictures of The Indigo Girls (minus one of the Girls) and James Taylor were on my refrigerator for years.  They traveled with me from Madison to Seattle to Milwaukee and back to Madison.  Now my fridge is crowded with kid art work, so the Girls and James have taken up residence in my SMASH journal.  I can visit them whenever I want to.

What about all those little drawings and pieces of writing that you love because they make you smile?  Glue them into your journal and keep on smiling.

I will continue my SMASH journal tour on Monday.  In the meantime, start gathering up the scrips and scraps of your life.

Prairie Eydie

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