Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Art of Being Someone Else - Part Two

I got off the phone ready to put Prairie Sherry's "End of the School Year Cleaning Routine" into reality.  Fortifying myself with yet another iced coffee, I headed into my bedroom.   (Trader Joe's Coffee Concentrate!  Prairie Readers, I get absolutely NO kickbacks from Trader Joe's endorsements.  I just want you to be as peppy as me!) 


Prairie Readers, I am eating a big ol' slice of humble pie.  It is with tail tucked between my legs, that I admit Prairie Sherry was right.  My cleaning energy level is "sloth" compared to her unattainable level of "hummingbird."  I didn't come close to cleaning my entire house in one week.  It took three days to go through every drawer in my bedroom and that is without going through every drawer!  (I didn't go through my drawers of jewelry.  Yes.  You heard that right - drawers of jewelry.)  Here is what happened.

I talked to Prairie Sherry mid cleaning week.  Not wanting to admit I was still in the first room.

Sherry:  So?  How is it going? 

Eydie (Tugging furniture away from baseboards for thorough vacuuming):  Great!  Soon I will be tackling the kitchen.

Sherry:  (Sharp intake of breath)  You do know that is the most difficult room? 

Eydie (Ripping curtains down to be washed, ironed, and rehung): Worse than the master bedroom?

Sherry:  Much worse.

I left the curtains on the carpet (that was still cat hair enhanced) and slogged to the kitchen.  Unicorns and glitter did not greet me. 

This is my cupboard for fancy drinking glasses.  OH!  That is where the cat's ear cleaner is!

My spice drawer.  I spilled vanilla in January and forgot to clean it up.  Not sure what the green stuff is.
The job of cleaning the kitchen was bigger than me.    I was already way behind schedule and needed divine intervention.  Enter - Prairie Ma. 

The challenge wasn't totally unsuccessful.  My bedroom is in pretty good shape.  The kitchen is in excellent shape, thanks to my long-suffering mother helping me.  My advice to you is to ask for help when using the "Prairie Sherry End of the School Year Cleaning Routine."

Hmmm.  I wonder if Sherry has a "Beginning of the School Year Cleaning Routine?"  I bet she does.

Prairie Eydie



  1. What do we call a pair of sloths? I'm with you Eydie!

    I am having two bedrooms and upstairs hall painted by a meticulous friend (no, not Prairie Sherry!) I have gotten beyond embarrassment and just showed him the broom closet and rag box! My second floor will be spotless by the end of the month! Maybe I can pay him to scrub the ceiling in the shower...

  2. I am glad that you will be able to feel the "Scrubbed and Spotless" joy soon! Make sure to invite Sharon over at the end of the month.