Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Art of Being Someone Else Part 1


 I am well into week two of summer vacation. I spent the first morning of summer vacation thinking about different ways I could be productive and really get my house into order during vacation.  After three glasses of iced coffee, laced with 1/2 and 1/2, I still didn't have much of a plan beyond throwing out moldy bath toys.  So I called Prairie Sherry, a woman who always has a plan.
(NOTE:  Official Prairie Grlz endorsement.) 

I love you Trader Joe's Coffee Concentrate.  You offer such a variety of ways to get a caffeine buzz. 

 Prairie Eydie:  My house is dingy due to 9 months of consistent neglect.  The kids' bathroom is caked with Crest, there are stacks of school papers on the kitchen island, and the entry way is basically a sandbox.   I remember you saying how you spent the first week of summer vacation cleaning your house so everything would be clean.

Crickets.  Crickets.  Crickets.

Prairie Eydie:  Are you still there?

Prairie Sherry (sniffing):  Yes, I am.  I just hesitate to tell you what I did.  I am not you will be able to handle it.

Prairie Eydie:  I CAN handle it.  I am ready for this. 

Prairie Sherry:  You will need to go through your house one room at a time.  Every drawer is gone through a wiped out.  Every shelf is emptied and scrubbed.  Furniture is moved away from the walls and vacuumed behind.  Baseboards are dusted.  Bedding is aired out.  Windows are washed.  Ceiling fans are dusted.  Lamp shades are vacuumed.  Tassels are combed . . .  

Prairie Eydie (interrupting):  Yeah.  Yeah.  Yeah.  I can handle all of that.

Prairie Sherry:  I create a master list and work off of that for the week.  It is exhausting work.  One thing you never must do is go from room to room.  You stay in one room until it is completely cleaned.  The only exception is the last day when you will shampoo all the carpets.

Praire Eydie (jotting down notes with a blue crayon):  Got it.

Prairie Sherry:  Remember I am very Type "A".  I worry someone like you might not be suited for such a cleaning. 


Prairie Sherry and Carson - A match made in heaven.

You won't want to miss Part Two of "The Art of Being Someone Else."  Are my baseboards buffed?  My pillows puffed?  My Goodwill bags stuffed?  My make-up brushes fluffed?

Prairie Eydie

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