Friday, April 11, 2014

Prairie Eydie Writes A Fan Letter


I am 17 days into the 30 Day Challenge.  I wrote to my doctor, nurse, and college roommate.  I sent a card of gratitude to the long suffering substitute who endured my squirrely students while I recovered from sinus surgery.  Sprinkled in the mix are thank you, birthday, and thinking of you cards.  Everyone I wrote to are people I know AND love.  Now I am ready to branch out and write some letters to people I don't know. 

Dear Sharon, I find that rotating the crops is very important . . .
I am going to write some fan letters. I talked this over with Prairie Sherry because part of the challenge is writing to people you normally wouldn't write to.  (Spoiler alert!!!  Prairie Sherry is going to write to Michelle Obama.  Knowing Sharon, she'll be asking for some organic gardening tips.  Sharon already has guns Michelle would die for.)

Is that my letter from Eydie?  I've been waiting 32 years for this!
I decided to start out by writing to Bruce Springsteen.  I have been a fan since Jr. High.  His photo hangs over my desk at work.  I listen to him when I cook dinner and on road trips to Costco.  (I am having a hard time getting rid of XM radio because of E Street Radio.)  My daughter, Lulu, cried when she found out "Brucie" wasn't coming to her birthday party.  

Prairie Eydie is determined to make Hummels cool

Now I am wishing that I chose someone easier to write to.  Someone like Oprah's best friend, Gayle. 

First dilemma.  What am I going to write this fan letter on?  Definitely not my on my Hello Kitty thank you cards OR on the homemade Hummel-reading-a-paper-on-a-toilet card.  The love postcards are all wrong as well.  (Actually the love postcards aren't really appropriate for anyone.)

BRUCE!  You are the cat's meow.
Second Dilemma.  What am I going to write?  I am don't want to be totally lame.  Like.  "I listened to "Born to Run" whenever I am going through a tough time."  OR  "I dance with my kids to "Dream Baby Dream" and it is my favorite song on your new album."  OR  "I know you were singing "No Surrender" to me at Alpine Valley back in 1986.  Do you remember?"

Prairie Friends.  I don't ask for much.  But I am asking for help with this fan letter.  I just want my form letter and glossy photo.   

Shake out your hand and keep writing those cards/letters!

Prairie Eydie


  1. This letter has been 30+ years in the making. I haven't seen you in ages and I could write it for you:
    Dear Bruce. I was a fan way back and loved listening to the River and Born to Run. Plus, that would chase away my less cool friends. I would be found singing Rosalita thyself while li in in my parents basement. When Born in the USA came out I initially cried "sell out"! Later like the whole country I came to embrace it and dreamed of tripping Courtney Cox of the stage to dance with you. I even followed you personal life like a mini TMZ paparazzi. Flipping comments about your single years and marriage to "she slices, Di es, no.... Julliennes. Not that I passed any judgements on that talentless supermodel. Never. Then you hooked back up with Patti. And we both matured. I followed your social conscious stuff that only a die hard fan could. I probably work your music into my lesson plans with my students. I've grown up, I want to thank you for being there for me, and sometimes when I listen, I'm still just spinning around in my parents basement listening to a scratchy old Rosalita.

  2. Please excuse grammar issues. A smart phone is no laptop.