Saturday, January 9, 2016

Prairie Pa and the Art of Change

Our very own guest blogger, Prairie Pa, has been musing about change.   This blog has inspired me to think of ways to change my schedule so it will include more time for creativity.  Read on to find out how it will inspire you into some "binge believing".  -Prairie Eydie


I recently visited a friend in the hospital. Although she was not overweight, she was placed in a bariatric room. The surgery that removes fat is called bariatric surgery (love those medical euphemisms). The bariatric room was a room for giants. The doors were four feet wide and the chair looked like Lilly Tomlin’s. A forklift could easily maneuver in the room. People who have bariatric surgery (or is it a procedure?) will not change their eating habits, even if it means horrific surgery.

Or consider my friend’s son. He started drinking in his early teens and never looked back. He is now in his late 30’s, a raging alcoholic. A doctor told him if he did not stop drinking right now, he will die. I’m sure he would like to stop drinking, but does not. He will die soon

My sister, Lucy, spent years as a RN working in alcohol and drug clinics. She said only about 30% of those who receive treatment were able to break free. One man was at her clinic over 50 times before he was able to stop drinking. FIFTY TIMES!

I believe everyone wants to do well—to live abundant, meaningful lives. Who sets out to obtain a brain the size of a baseball, or ride around Walmart in a motorized cart or spend years in prison?” They’re living nightmare lives, but do not change.

And who am I? For years I have tried to lose 25 pound. Do I change my eating habits? No! My doctor says I am a tub (Well, he didn't exactly use those words.) and the extra weight will make me diabetic and kill my knees. But I have not lost much weight.

Change is difficult, but not impossible. Many people change for the better. It involves discipline and pain. It involves setting and meeting goals. It involves showing up and working.

So how do I end this depressing blog? Well, I am going to pick myself up, (all 220 pounds of me) and change. I am going to lose that 25 pounds. I want to do it! I can do it! Just think how great I will look!

Prairie “The Rocket” Pa

Update from Prairie Eydie:  At Prairie Pa's last doctor's appointment, he was at his lowest weight in years!  Yippee!

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